New Year’s resolutions, in general, are hard to keep up with, but the resolutions you make in your personal life can easily be mirrored in your social media life. Try all of these, or even just one, and you’ll see the benefits of these resolutions all year long!

Add more of your ‘authentic’ self/brand to social media posts

Each New Year marks a fresh start for individuals and for businesses. As you’re doing some soul searching personally and professionally, open your brand up to its target audience; make them feel like they know you personally and can rely on you or your brand. At Rosenberg Advertising, we send out monthly e-blasts showcasing the expertise of each of our employees in their respective fields of work. We share professional advice on a personal level — what could be better than that?

A picture is worth a thousand words – what will you have to show for it?

If you consider yourself social media savvy, then I’m sure you’re well aware by now that a visual strategy is the way to get more interaction with your audience. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow more popular, while Twitter and Facebook are making the ability to view pictures bigger and better. Aside from the selfies, (which is inexplicably being redlined right now as a misspelled word  see “‘Selfie’ Declared Word of the Year”) pictures of your half-eaten food, and the tragedy of snow falling outside, (releasing the inner-Clevelander inside me) how can your brand get the most out of images on social platforms?

Start fresh

Whether you’re growing tired of your brand’s Twitter avatar that was implemented in 2013 that you can’t find the heart to replace or just want to try something different on social media, now is the time to do it! A great starting point is making your brand’s imagery cohesive across all social platforms. Try using the same language, same logo, color scheme, etc. and your audience will feel comfortable turning to any of your pages for advice. Learn from the blunders you made in 2013 (i.e. tweeting from the wrong Twitter account since you manage more than one) and create a restored social life in 2014. It can be as simple as changing your cover photo on Facebook, re-organizing your boards on Pinterest, or simply unfollowing all of the toxic accounts in your life. Those accounts were, like, so last year.

Share less about your ‘stuff’ and more about your moments

We get it. That Chanel handbag and those sequined UGG boots you got for the holidays were so incredible that you just HAD to share 18 photos of them in several arrangements on your body. You’ll probably start to notice the ‘likes’ on those Instagram pics are dying down. The same goes for a business’s point of view. The more similar the posts, the less people will interact with them. At RA, we capture moments from birthday and holiday lunches, share inspirational quotes watermarked with our logo, and share real-time moments happening in the office. As we strive to continue to improve on this by coming up with more creative ideas, your brand can too! The realm of possibility is endless. Capture the moment in which these great things might come to your business and your audience will appreciate the sincerity behind it.

Reinforce the ‘Golden Rule’

You’ve heard it enough times: ‘Treat others as you would treat yourself.’ Just as this can be done in your personal life, try it out on social media from a business standpoint. Subtweeting is now a movement for those less-mature.  Be bigger than the drama! Calling someone or something out on social media has felt good once or twice; after that, people will start to think you live for putting others down. As a business, provide better customer service by responding in a timely manner to your audience. As an individual representing that business, just think before you post.