It’s a new year and a clean slate for advertisers looking to make a difference in the industry. We’ve been doing a little digging and have found that we, as a smaller agency, share some of the same predictions as large advertising agencies when it comes to what will be popular in 2016. Many of you might have already started strategizing! Read below to see the top predictions in the advertising industry in 2016 and how you can implement them into your business.

Video will Get Bigger

Think of the last place you watched a video. Your smartphone? Tablet? Laptop? Desktop? How many videos did you watch? If you think you’re already exposed to enough video content, there’s no looking back. Check out these statistics, from Hootsuite, below. Brands will jump at the opportunity to create more unique video content in 2016. While Facebook video ads were introduced last year, more of your marketing budget will be spent on video ads this year.

internet video graphic

Live streaming will be demanded

We saw Periscope take over Twitter in 2015 and Snapchat increase its users by millions. It’s time to stop being a skeptic of both. Soon, brands will be channeling their creativity into live streams. Do you follow an individual or company that live streams well? We’re always looking for fun, new ideas to get inspired!

Social media spending will continue to increase

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. Hootsuite shares this eye-opening graph showing that social media marketing was the fastest-growing category of marketing spending in 2015. On which channel will you spend most of your social media budget?

social budget graphic

Product/service influencers will be at an all-time high

On Instagram, this is huge. What better way for a brand to show off a product or service than by asking a celebrity or social media celebrity to promote it for them? If you haven’t done this before, check out the Instagram profiles of FitTea, FlatTummy Tea, and FabFitFun to see how these brands take advantage of brand ambassadors.

Less Google, more searching within apps

I don’t know about you, but the last time I searched for something, it was on Twitter. Why? Because I know Twitter will give me the most timely results of what I’m looking for, whether it is a video, picture, or link. Scrolling through Google’s search results can be time consuming. If your brand exists on Twitter or Facebook, make sure you’re using relevant and industry-specific keywords and hashtags for important content. Your audience might end up finding your content faster on social media channels than Google.