You may have immediately thought to correct the title of this article to, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” just as the old saying goes. However, you’ve read the title just fine and in this case, a pin and a picture go hand-in-hand with each other. Think back to the days when the only way to search for a range of products or service categories was by navigating from website to website. Today, Pinterest acts as a social media platform that combines the visuals of all your favorite and most-searched for categories in one place and all to your organizational liking.

Pinterest doesn’t just benefit the consumer, and this is the key point businesses need to pay more attention. Here are  two fascinating facts about the platform that are sure to turn your head:

Pinterest has over 70 million active users -At this very moment, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and LinkedIn…combined. So, how can you use Pinterest to generate business for your brand?

High-Quality Visual Content

First things first, your brand needs good visuals. With so much good imagery out there, people will not re-pin or follow a board on Pinterest if the content is not visually-appealing.

Pin with Your Audience in Mind

Secondly, organize your boards in a way that stay true to your brand but also appeal to your audience. Our own Rosenberg Advertising Pinterest page does just that (we have boards that represent our family-friendly brand personality, but we also maintain boards that showcase our social media knowledge with infographics)!

Link Back to Your Website

Most importantly, link back to your website on every organic pin you create, and use call-to-action copy as much as possible. Your audience will want to know how to maximize their lifestyle by what you pin. Many other ingredients make for a successful Pinterest page (yes, I am unashamedly using food trigger words here, due to my love of finding new recipes on Pinterest)! Every brand uses Pinterest in a slightly different way, but that is what makes the social media platform so special and successful!

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