There comes a time, once every year, where family and friends indulge in time spent together over THE NFL matchup of the season, kicking back some brews, grubbing on delicious eats, and reminiscing about how the Super Bowl XLVII champion Baltimore Ravens were once the Cleveland Browns.  Okay, maybe this is just a tradition for us Clevelanders. But still. Not a thrilling reminder.

We came to work on Monday, ready to discuss what we in the advertising agency probably look forward to the most on Super Bowl Sunday: the infamous commercials (and for some of us, the Beyonce concert at halftime)!

We each shared what we thought were the best commercials of Super Bowl Sunday and why. Here it goes!


Best: Volkswagen “Be Happy.”  I giggled throughout the whole thing like a child and now have a better Jamaican accent as a result of watching it over and over again. I was instantly happy afterwards for sure. Ya man.

Worst: Sketchers. It will never be like any other running shoe and it tried too hard to portray that. No Cheetah next time, please.


Best: Doritos “Goat 4 Sale.” I love ads that make you smile and laugh, aren’t too emotionally charged and can be understood by almost anybody. This ad is great at doing just that.

Worst: Budweiser “Brotherhood.” Ads that are meant to create an emotional charge fall short with me. (What a sensitive guy, that Jeremy!)


Best: Taco Bell “Viva Young.” I pretty much love any commercial which features old people or kittens. I loved this commercial for 2 reasons. 1) It made me think of our very own, Austin Rosenberg, and his love for Taco Bell. I can see this being him when he is old and in a nursing home. He will be the one getting a tattoo that says “Rosenberg” in gothic lettering across his back. 2) Taco Bell seems to finally have embraced the fact that their product tastes best at 2am after drinking all night in a club. The cops driving by is an added bonus.


Best: NFL “Leon Sand…Castle.” Nuff said.

Worst: GoDaddy “Perfect Match.” Just gross.


Best: Oreo “Choose Your Side.” I thought it was clever and memorable and it didn’t try too hard.

Worst: The E*Trade Baby. This concept is just so stale. I really wish they would come up with something else, or reinvent the way the baby is incorporated into the spot.

Dave S.:

Best: Dodge. My favorite Superbowl commercial by far was the Dodge Ram spot using Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech. Words that reached for and sometimes attained the level of poetry, married to stark, evocative photos of farm life. No sales message, except by association. Nice job, Dodge.


Best: Oreo. They integrated an entire campaign around their clever commercial — using Instagram and ultimately twitter (via Instagram, if people so desired). Not only was it well-thought out and executed as an entire campaign but it had me thinking about eating Oreos as I went to bed. And I keep checking my Instagram to see if they #cookiethis’ed to one of my pictures I uploaded.

Worst: Samsung. Lebron. Need I say more? (Actually, it wasn’t the worst, but I really really really dislike Lebron.)(That’s the Cleveland spirit, Jenna!)


Best: Calvin Klein. He just got pushed up a notch above Michael Kors in my book for that delicious display of pure yumminess. Way to work the female viewers, Cal.

Worst: Budweiser’s “Black Crown.” Nobody is buying anything from the lackluster attempt to make us think you made a beer that tastes good enough for the upper crust. You’re Budweiser, just stick with what you know. Show the horses.

Dave R.:

Best: Budweiser “Clydesdale,” great emotional story that ties into the classic Budweiser brand, makes me love the brand.

Worst: Calvin Klein, I guess I can see why some women may like this but while I have owned CK underwear I never will see myself in a pair of them again, no identification obviously with the product or brand on me, guess the market is much much younger and obviously in much better shape!


Best: Coca Cola “Security Camera” – I thought that Coke’s commercial was such a breath of fresh air.  It suggested that we all look at the world a little differently – from a more positive perspective.  It is refreshing to see that we have an opportunity to not just focus on the bad things and the bad guys in the world we live in and that there are still little glimpses of goodness everywhere we go, around every corner, and able to be captured on hidden camera.

Worst: Go Daddy. Why? Because it was the worst!


Best: Taco Bell – I loved this ad because I totally relate to it. I am an “old man” and I love Taco Bell. The commercial made the Taco Bell experience seem fun, youthful and alive. The fact that all the actors were elderly and having such a crazy time made me want to buy a taco party box. (So…Kara was right.)

So here you have it! Just one of many advertising agency’s perspective on the best and the worst Super Bowl XLVII’s commercials! Now, back to mindlessly watching television commercials without analyzing each and every detail! And more importantly…Go Browns!