Another year, another Super Bowl.  At Rosenberg Advertising, we anxiously await the day the Cleveland Browns will get to play in February, but more realistically, we anxiously await the infamous Super Bowl commercials.  Here are a list of our favorite and least favorite spots from last night’s game.


Best: RadioShack’s “The Phone Call” because anyone who can effectively make fun of themselves wins in my book. Plus, it featured all kinds of 80s celebs. What could be better?

Worst: GoDaddy’s “Puppet Master” because they really built it up when they leaked that someone was going to quit their job on national TV and then didn’t deliver. I was excited…they could have done a lot with this but definitely didn’t. All the spot did was leave me feeling confused (did she really just leave her engineering job to be a puppeteer?!). Cool concept, poorly executed.


Best: The Budweiser “Puppy Love” spot was the best because it was TOTES. ADORBS.

Worst: The Esurance “$1.5 Million Giveaway” commercial was the worst because I didn’t win.

Dave Simon:

Best: I really liked the Budweiser “Puppy Love” commercial and Radio Shack’s 80’s spot, but I also really enjoyed T-Mobile’s “We Killed The Long-Term Contract” ad. Simple white type on a pink background displaying a simple message. Perfect.

Worst:  I also want to mention the spot I hated most (and that’s saying something, because I thought this was a weak year). The one starring the girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild, some really cool nature imagery, and a bunch of mostly working class, that turned out to be a Maserati commercial for a car none of the people featured in the commercial could possibly afford, except Quvenzhane Wallis, and she’s too young to drive. I’m getting tired of commercials that look and sound cool, but have nothing to do with what they’re actually advertising.


Best: There was no stand out favorite for me this year; it was a pretty weak showing. I liked the Coke spot showing America’s diversity and culture and the Microsoft spot (oh, how it pains me to compliment Microsoft!) about technology. I thought both were memorable, creative, and had a solid brand message in line with what we’ve come to expect.

Worst: There were many that just didn’t make sense — the TurboTax “Love Hurts” spot was terrible. It made zero sense and had absolutely no relevance to the product TurboTax provides. Also, The Maserati spot: if I didn’t think they were elitist and out-of-touch with reality before, I certainly do now.

Extra: JCPenney wins for “drunk tweeting” and getting tons of social media interaction during the game. I thought it was brilliant and the other brands interacting with them were clever on-the-spot as well.


Best: I am going to go with the Kia “This is What Luxury Looks Like” commercial. Many people don’t think of luxury when they hear Kia and I thought this spot did a great visual job in showing “what luxury looks like.”  Plus any spot with Morpheus is a winner in my book. I love the Matrix…

Worst: Least favorite was the Toyota spot with The Muppets and Terry Crews. Not cute, not funny, doesn’t do a good job showcasing the car, POINTLESS.

Dave Rosenberg:

Best: The Volkswagen “Wings” ad was funny, you know it’s for VW and it perpetuates the brand that VW’s are built to last!

Worst: I thought this was the weakest group of spots I could ever remember, you would have almost thought the Broncos were the Browns the way they played.  My least favorite, wow there were so many, maybe have to go with Go Daddy, had no idea what they were even trying to say.


Best: I have to go with the Doritos “Time Machine” spot as my favorite. I’m basing this off of LOL-factor. Plus, who hasn’t wanted a time machine?

Worst: What was Soda Stream’s commercial even about? And what did Scarlett Johansson have to do with it? #TryingTooHard


Best: My favorite commercial was RadioShack’s 80s spot. Specifically because we tease John all the time about single-handedly keeping the store in business because no one goes there anymore – essentially because it seems so 80s! Fortunately for RadioShack, it obviously understands its perception in the marketplace and spoke to it by poking fun for what it once was and what it has since been perceived to be… but watch out because it’s a new RadioShack now!

(and who doesn’t love all those great cameos?!)

PS – if you check out RadioShack’s digital marketing, everything is tied together – truly a job well done all around!


Best: Who wouldn’t love Budweiser’s puppy and horse?  My vote is for this Budweiser beauty too. I expected no less from them. Plus, the song is great – wouldn’t it be nice to have such recognition that you don’t even need to show your product in a 4 million dollar commercial?!  Second vote is for ESurance. As a media buyer, you’ve got to appreciate the 30% savings by being the first horse out of the gate when the final whistle blew! Plus, giving the $1.5 million away for a lucky tweeter….pretty darn smart.

Worst: I really didn’t like all those commercials with the techno effects and wild music….but I liked them so little I can’t even remember what they were promoting.


Best: I only watched the first half of the game but here are my picks from what I saw.. My FAVORITE was the RadioShack “The Phone Call” commercial.  This one spoke to me on many levels. First, I love the 80s so it was fun to see all the icons of this era. I also appreciate a company that has a sense of humor and can laugh at itself. It was memorable and got the point across – we’ve updated.

I also want to mention the Dorito’s commercial, “Finger Cleaner.” It did not win the contest so it was not shown last night but I still loved it. Hilar.

Worst: My LEAST favorite was the Ford Fusion “Nearly Double” Super Bowl Commercial. There is a reason commercials are short – to keep your attention. If Ford was going to make a double length commercial, it could have been interesting. This one just seemed expensive for the sake of being expensive. I didn’t get the impression that this car had double the fuel economy – except for actors repeating it over and over. What was with the jet flying by in the end?


Best: Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” was my favorite commercial because it was refreshing and way overdue to see a real-life hero get acknowledgement from his country. I’m personally sick of seeing commercials with overpaid actors who have no reason for being in them.

Worst: The Honda commercial starring Bruce Willis seemed like it was actually going to be important and heartfelt and then it took a turn for the worst with the humor they were trying to play into it.


Best: The RadioShack 80’s spot was hilarious.