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Dave Simon:

Best: Snickers “Brady Bunch.” You’d think this concept would be stale by now, but including two of my favorite actors, Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi, breathed new life into the idea, and made it my favorite of the night.

Worst: I almost went with the Nationwide “Dead Kid” ad because it was stunningly tone deaf, but in the end my least favorite spot was the Skechers “Pete Rose” commercial. It just felt sad and pathetic rather than clever.

Dave Rosenberg:

Best: I found this year to be the year of the inspirational commercials with many to choose from, I also am biased as I love a good inspirational TV spot. I would say my fave was the “Dad” spot for Dove, would have liked to see more of Dove earlier in the spot but I loved the feel.  A very close second would be the campaign for Always, “Like a Girl.”

While I liked the 2 above best, my favorite funny spot was the Doritos of the guy on the airplane, super funny and realistic and also great use of product throughout the spot.

Worst: The Kim Kardashian spot, while I am not a fan of Kim K, it did grab my attention, which is a good thing, however I had no idea what it was for and who the client was.


Best: McDonalds’ “Pay With Love” and the Katie Couric BMW ad. I think the McDonald’s campaign is great; it’s such a simple idea that will help people remember to let those around them know how much they care about them. I’m sure it will help their business a lot too 🙂 I’m such an emotional sap; this commercial had me crying. And I’ll definitely be visiting McDonald’s soon because of it.

The BMW commercial was nostalgic to me. I can’t believe how old I am and that I remember life before the Internet :). They flashbacked to 1994, and that does not seem that long ago to me!

Worst: The Kim Kardashian commercial was just silly to me. I am over her and her constant self-promotion.


Best: As a girl who grew up in the 70’s and distinctly remember the Brady Bunch episode where Marcia got hit in the snout, I had to say I was drawn in my the Snickers commercial. I love the effect of taking old footage and editing in “new” people – like was done in Forrest Gump when Forrest tells the President “I gotta pee.”

Worst: Hmm – there were a lot of gaming commercials that I tuned out – so I guess they must have been bad in my opinion. I am not a fan of selfies or Kim Kardashian so even though the spot for T-Mobile may not have been bad it was one of my least favorites.


Best: I think my favorites were BMW 13 – “NEWFANGLED IDEA” because it was hilarious and “Always #FIGHTLIKEAGIRL” because that little girl at the end was amazing and their message stayed with me after the commercial itself had ended. “DORITOS MIDDLE SEAT” was pretty good too, as always. KIA “THE PERFECT GETAWAY” made me laugh and I thought it was an interesting way to add humor to a commercial while still showcasing the product.

Worst: Nissan “WITH DAD” because, although it was visually interesting, the message was lost at the end.


Best: Discover’s “Surprise” ad made me laugh out loud and screaming goats never get old in my book. Simple, straight to the point, and funny.

Worst: I can’t even speak about the Nationwide, “Make Safe Happen,” ad. While I get this type of message is important and hits close to home, it hit a little TOO CLOSE during the Super Bowl, where many parents are watching with their children. Complete buzzkill.


Best: Budweiser “Brewed the Hard Way” ad. I loved the straight forwardness of this commercial. With craft beer popularity soaring, Budweiser came out in a bold way saying this is who we are and we aren’t trying to reach the beer snobs. Even though their beer is “macro” there is only one Budweiser. This commercial showed a no-frills beer with tons of tradition and attitude.


Best: “Like a Girl” because girl power, duh. It was an impactful message and overall a very powerful campaign.

Worst: I’m with a lot of people on this one but I thought the Nationwide “Make Safe Happen” commercial was just too much. Disturbing.


Best: I would say the Dove Men + Care “#RealStrength” ad was my favorite. There were a ton of ads this year that contained so many feels, but this was by far my favorite. I don’t know, maybe getting closer to 30 has made me feel more paternal, but this one definitely tugged at the heartstrings.

Worst: Besides ads suggesting deceased children, my least favorite was the Carl’s Jr. “Au Naturel.” It seemed very desperate and stale. I think the notion that sex sells over all else is a little outdated. If you are going to use a model to sell your hamburgers, at least make the ad clever.


Best: Always “#LikeAGirl” ad. I had seen this video online a few months ago and LOVED it. I was so glad to see them bring it to the masses with the spotlight only a Super Bowl ad can provide.

Worst: There are a lot. Maybe the Nationwide ad that scared the @$!* out of me? Or that depressing Nissan spot where the dad’s never around because he’s racing and then finally he’s there in this weird, emotionally confusing moment?


Best: “First Draft Ever” by Avocados from Mexico. Why? It was topical and unpredictable. Totally out of left field and made me laugh. It’s the only ad that really stood out to me besides the obvious offenders (ahem, Nationwide).

Worst: Pretty much everything! Such a poor showing this year. Womp womp.