Last night’s Super Bowl commercials are causing quite a stir with viewers– there were political spins, a battle between two wireless network providers (we’re looking at you, Sprint and Verizon), some brands missing (why, Doritos, why?!), and to many, a lack of quality all-around. We, at Rosenberg Advertising, had to share our thoughts on this year’s slim pickings.

THE ONE WE ALL ENJOYED: Honda, ‘Yearbooks’

Jared: The Honda ad features celebrities such as Tina Fey, Steve Carell and Magic Johnson doing voice-overs to an animated version of their actual high school yearbook photos. The ad doesn’t actually mention much about the new Honda CR-V they are marketing, but the commercial is so captivating on its own, it’s one of the few I can personally say held my attention the entire way through. The message keys directly in on the concept of the power of dreaming, which is a broader campaign that Honda has been running with over the past year.

Marisa: I thought it was optimistic and encouraging with a little nostalgia which I am a sucker for.  It was great how the personalities of the celebrities in it were captured.

Torie: The animation of the celebs’ faces was incredible, and I liked the theme and humor of the spot (“That was a rhetorical question, DARRYL.”)


Connie: I got a kick out of the dry humor of Christopher Walken promoting the Bai drink. It made me laugh to see Justin Timberlake revealed, sitting silently next to him as it occurred to the viewer that he was reciting the lyrics from the*NSYNC song. From now on when I see that drink, “Bye Bye Bye” will go through my mind.

Nellie: It’s no secret how much of boy band lover I am, so naturally this was my favorite spot. It was short and sweet, but very funny in all its 30 second-glory. I’ve seen this brand of water on shelves at the grocery store, but have never purchased one. Now, I’m intrigued by the brand and might give it a shot. This just “gave me one more reason, baby come on.”

THE ONE THAT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE: Mr. Clean, ‘Cleaner of Your Dreams’

Kara: My favorite – the one that I just could not stop watching and got funnier every time – Mr Clean! (the fact that he was trolling other commercials was pretty amazing as well.

Dave R:  I grew up with this character and it was always such an iconic brand. Really liked the modern Mr. Clean. It worked before and it still works now!

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Coca Cola, ‘It’s Beautiful,’ Audi, ‘Drive Progress,’ Tide, ‘No Stain Deserves Fame,’ Google, ‘Home,’ 84 Lumber, ‘The Entire Journey,’ T-Mobile, ‘#NSFWireless’

Dave S: There were six folks watching the Super Bowl in my home this year, ranging in age from 16 to 60. When the Coke “It’s Beautiful” ad began, all conversation stopped, and by the end, people were wiping away tears. In another year, would this spot have been so effective? Maybe, maybe not. But this year, it really hit the sweet spot. Honorable mention to Audi’s “Drive Progress” ad that highlighted pay inequality for women. As a dad with two daughters, it hit home for me.

Dave R:  Loved the spot featuring Terry Bradshaw. It certainly caught and kept my attention. The “spot” was for Tide and focused on the stain spot on his shirt for the whole commercial. The tagline, “No Stain Deserves Fame,” was a great way to tie-in the attributes of Tide with the use of Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw, who was also was featured prominently throughout the game as host of pregame, halftime and postgame segments.

John: Because it set everyone’s Google Homes, off.

Melissa: I loved the 84 Lumber spot and that the portion deemed “too controversial for TV” was made available by visiting their dedicated site. I also loved all the brands promoting their love of our country and the diverse people that make it so great.

Austin: I didn’t think there was a great selection of commercials this year, but if I had to choose it would be Kristen Schaal’s commercial for T-Mobile where she is talking dirty to customer service. It was weird, but it was what made it memorable.


Torie: Bud Light’s “Ghost Spuds” – The floating ghost dog with oddly animated human-esque limbs was freaky. No thank you.

Marisa: I would pick the Pistachio ad with the Elephant on the treadmill as the worst- I don’t like seeing animals doing human activities.

Nellie: The Yellow Tail and Lifewtr spots were respectively terrible. The whole Kangaroo play was a bit much for cheap wine and I got so excited to hear John Legend singing only to have it be for colorful water bottles. Which, by the way, no one ever said why there was art on them.