It wasn’t the most exciting game (or halftime show), but thankfully there were commercials that made up for it. As per tradition, the Rosenberg crew shares our favorite and not-so-favorite spots– from the ones that made us laugh, to those that made us cry, to the ones that made us think, and even some that made us a bit uncomfortable. Share your opinions with us, in the comments below!

The Good and Happy:

Microsoft – We All Win

Marisa: “I really liked that they explained the background story of their previous commercial that aired throughout the holiday season which I loved! I love the message, I love the emotion and human connection. Everything about this spot really hit home for me especially because I have a son about the same age as the kids featured who loves playing video games. 🙂

Angelia: “The Microsoft commercial definitely stood out to me – ‘When everybody plays, we all win.’ It was very touching to see kids with limited mobility talk about how much they love playing video games, and how easy it was for them to use the new Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller.”

Nellie: “This ad beat out all the other ads in a far more overwhelming fashion than the Patriots beating the Rams. Today, kids (and adults) need to continue to see and hear stories about others that are different from them, so that they can understand and accept that regardless of our differences, we are all human. This was so inspiring to me. I’ve watched it over and over again.”

NFL – The 100-Year Game

Connie: “I laughed out loud. The raw chaos was wonderful…and I could imagine the instinct in that room to attack a falling football! Hilarious. Memorable. Sharable. The little side comments from Peyton Manning after he threw the ball (“that hurt”) and from Tom Brady as he took off all his rings to get in the game (“hold these”) added so much. I wish I knew who the guy with the knit hat was, who tried to snag a taste of the icing. Hated to see that cake go to waste!”

Dave R.: “To me the best commercial was a slam dunk for the NFL 100th Anniversary. It was so great seeing all those ex and current NFL stars, even our own Jim Brown and Baker Mayfield. So much personality and so much fun. A spot likes this lightens what we know as the brand image today, and makes it a tad more relatable and entertaining which I also feel, strengthens the NFL brand.”

John: “It was just really fun. The NFL rarely has fun, and it was cool to see the Franco Harris reenactment, Joe Montana not throwing the ball to Micheal Irving, and all the NFL players I have grown up watching.”

Hyundai – The Elevator

Kara: “The ‘going down’ scenarios and Jason Bateman’s lines were just really funny on this one. The message tied back in nicely at the end.”

Melissa: “I’ll take Jason Bateman in anything, including a funny Hyundai spot with all the ‘levels’ of terrible things still above buying a car.”

Stella Artois – Change Up the Usual

Austin: “For viewers that are familiar with the characters Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude, they know that each of them have specific drinks of choice. Carrie drinks Cosmopolitans and The Dude drinks White Russians. I love how this commercial plays off these personalities to encourage you to change up your usual drink. Bonus reason for loving this spot is the former Dos Equis Guy a.k.a. the most interesting man in the world drinking a Stella.”

The Serious and Thought-Provoking:

Washington Post – Democracy Dies in Darkness

Kara: “I picked a serious one this year. I appreciated the historical imagery and powerful message. Tom Hanks as the narrator doesn’t hurt either.”

The Uncomfortable, but Memorable:

DEVOUR – Frozen Food Porn

Melissa: “I thought Devour’s “Frozen Food Porn” was the best ad of the night. Clever, funny, irreverent, and I still remember who it was for today.”

The Bad:

Mint Mobile – That’s Not Right

Connie: “Mint Mobile had a commercial using the line ‘That’s not Right’  showing examples of things that fit that bill. Their main example was chunky milk. And while they are correct I just couldn’t watch it. UGH!”

TurboTax – RoboChild

Marisa: “My least favorite was the TurboTax robot child. It was really creepy.”

Dave S.: “Literally almost everything else was bad. Boring, and not at all impressive. Leave the robots alone!”

Honorable Mentions:

Amazon – Not Everything Makes the Cut

Torie: “Forest Whitaker’s podcast being interrupted on his Alexa-enabled toothbrush and Harrison Ford’s Boston Terrier running wild and ordering dog treats by the pallet on his Alexa dog collar (which apparently also speaks dog) both made me laugh, and watching the girls from Broad City be forcibly ejected from the Alexa hot tub was great.”

Dave S.: “Self-deprecating humor, surprising cameos. Nicely done.”

Game of Thrones X Bud Light

Jared: “My favorite commercial of the Super Bowl was the Bud Light/Game of Thrones commercial. This is purely due to my obsession with Game of Thrones and excitement for the final season.”

M&M’s – Chocolate Bar

Rachel: “This M&Ms commercial is definitely relatable and funny! A nice reminder that I’m not the only one that screams irrational things when the kids are acting crazy!”