daves book

I’m Creative Director here at Rosenberg Advertising.  As such, I do all the sorts of creative directory things one would expect; graphic design, radio and TV script writing, illustration when needed. I’ve been doing it here for 30 years, and I like what I do.

I also have a dark secret life that few folks know about. I write and sometimes illustrate stories for children. I’ve had some success in the field, with stories published in magazines like Highlights (admit it, you still pick up Highlights if you see it at the dentist’s office), and even won a couple of awards. I’ve illustrated a couple of picture books, too.

I was nervous when I decided to embark on something longer, an actual novel. Everything I’d done up to that time was short, and the idea of writing novel was daunting.  The book that resulted, “Trapped In Lunch Lady Land”, is a funny, 30,000 word fantasy adventure for middle-grade readers. It’s a very messy book and kids who have read it seem to like it. I’m really happy with it. I decided to enter it in a CBAY Books writing contest in the middle-grade category and was happily chosen as a finalist.

Here’s the hard sell. The contest is going on right this minute, and I NEED YOUR VOTES. There, I said it. I need to capture the most votes in my category, and I need to do it with at least 500 votes according to the contest rules. Publication of my first novel is on the line.

Please vote for “Trapped In Lunch Lady Land” and tell your friends!