It started on Twitter in 2009. Facebook added it in 2013. Instagram users say, “the more the better.” Drake raps an incredibly popular song that inspired a viral amount of them.

What am I talking about? HASHTAGS! (and yes, “The Motto,” a.k.a, Y.O.L.O is the Drake song)
They can be funny, like #YOLO. They can represent an entire campaign, like #LeBronWatch2014 (holla at me, Cleveland!). But the main goal of the infamous hashtag is to group messages together on social media. Any brand, person, etc. on social media can be a part of the hashtag trend. Whether you create your own or incorporate popular ones into your social messages, people from all over the world can click on that hashtag and find your message. At Rosenberg, we consistently use the hashtag, #HowWeDoIt; it represents the way we go above and beyond for clients and how we incorporate all of our personalities into our work.

For #HashtagOurHistory, I asked everyone to come up with a hashtag that represents a memorable time in their Rosenberg history. These might not necessarily go viral, but it’s just another interpretation of #HowWeDoIt.

Cortnie: Having to cut the cake at the first Rosenberg birthday by myself (panic mode. I am the worst cake-cutter ever).

Austin: My first Rosenberg basement cleanup.  I was warned that the cleanup wouldn’t be a simple task. The first cleanup I was surprised to see old Betamax and VHS videos we were still saving. Thankfully some of those ended up in my giant trash bag…

Jenna: I’ve never been happier that something occurred before the existence of Twitter… my cameo in a Hummer commercial. It’s a testament to what we’ll do for clients; we truly go the extra mile, no doubt! The hashtag for that embarrassing day of my life (during my second week at Rosenberg, no less) would be…
#BeautifulFaceGorgeousBody (Yes, those were my lines.) Come to think of it, I wonder if I’m the reason Hummer went out of business! #feelingguilty

Dave Simon: Rather than choosing a seminal event in my time here at Rosenberg, I chose an event just before that seminal event. My first Mac here at the agency (a Mac II if you’re interested) did many revolutionary and wondrous things, but there is one thing that it did not do: background printing. Let me explain. When you were printing something, you could not do anything else until that print job was complete. One of our clients at the time, Carpet Barn & Tile House, regularly ran double-truck ads (that’s what we used to call two-page spreads, kids). It took my little Mac, spitting out that ad one 8.5×14 inch piece at a time, six hours. Six hours, staring at that screen. I wept with joy when background printing arrived.
#BeforeBackgroundPrinting #WhereWasNetflixWhenINeededIt

Marisa: After working on the Kenjo account for several years and getting to know our contact Steve Grazi through emails and phone calls, I finally flew to NYC to meet Steve and see the Kenjo store in-person, Spring 2007.  This was not only my first business trip while at Rosenberg but also my first time in NYC!  It was on this trip that I ate my first soft pretzel from a street vendor.

Melissa: I could do this all day…
#MagnoliaRebrand (In 2009, Rosenberg Advertising officially re-branded itself with its current logo and look!)

advertising quote
#BabyBoom (within five years I think we added nineteen (exaggerating) babies to the RA fam)
#Flatty #21stCentury (in 2006 we finally upgraded to flat screen monitors for artists instead of gigantic boxes)
#SadTrombone #DavesTears (The year we went bowling instead of WhirlyBall for the holiday party)
#MovinOnUp (The time I got an office, upstairs!)

Nellie: My first Rosenberg basement cleanup consisted of Rachel and me (two tiny people and with not that much upper body strength) transporting our trash back and forth to the Lakewood dump. Needless to say, the people at the dump seemed very entertained as we hauled heavy bags into the back of gigantic garbage trucks. They were incredibly nice also. Did I mention how much I loved that experience (being totally serious) because now I’m rambling.

rachel and nellie

Dave R:  It was 1997 and at the time we were in our third office in The Warehouse District on W. 9th (The Crittenton building). After 17 years of being a tenant I wanted a space that we would totally call our own.  After a year of looking in mid-town Cleveland, University Circle, Tremont, and Ohio City, I was recommended by a team member who happened to live in Lakewood to check out the city’s space.  After driving up and down Detroit Ave and Madison Ave I quickly realized that there were many “homes” for sale that could be converted into a business space and I loved that idea!  I ended up choosing our present location, worked with the city of Lakewood to change the zoning to a business use, took about 6 months to remodel and retool the house that would allow us to professionally run our business, and in 1999 we moved in! And here we are  15 years later!

rosenberg advertising house

Kara: When a few of us (including myself) announced that we were all expecting within a few weeks of each other.
#SorryDave #RABabyBoomOf09 #DontDrinkTheWater
A squirrel nest was removed from the closet in Marisa’s attic office.
#UninvitedGuests #100YearOldHouse #RAnuttiness #NutPuns
RA gets a basketball hoop in our parking lot.
#FunAgency #AlertTheNeighborhood #AfterHours #OnlyHoopInLakewood

John: Shooting guns with one of our clients,  Professional Travel

melissa shooting

Rachel: I have never shared an office with someone before so on my first day, when I got a ‘roommate,’ I wondered how it would go. I could tell Cortnie felt the same way so I immediately turned on my wit and charm to win her over (#nailedit). Turns out, we work wonderfully together and get along so well. We love our little room, patio, and daily runs to get fountain pop. Now, I can’t imagine NOT sharing an office!

Jessa: The time when everyone decided that they can’t discuss TV shows with me after I ruined #TheRedWedding and many other characters’ dramatic demises in other favorite shows.
I went to Los Angeles for the first time in my life with Dave and Marisa to meet Jamie and Scott from Feldmar Watch Company. I love them and working on their account… and Scott took us to a super cool dinner where me and Dave Rosenberg indulged a little…