The first step in making an infographic is deciding on the topic. Not only does it need to be compelling and timely, it should be pertinent to your business in one way or another. While the topic does not need to be an obvious tie, it should definitely resonate with your brand. In this case, a timely topic (the RNC being hosted in Cleveland) was a great fit for our client. Professional Travel is a Cleveland-based, veteran-owned, patriotic small business, and as a travel management company, it made sense for them to publish an infographic that revolved around a large number of people traveling to an event.

The next step was to gather facts and figures that helped illustrate the topic–literally. We made sure to include facts that we thought the audience might find interesting or noteworthy, and when possible, we prioritized facts that included numbers and lent themselves to being represented visually with an image, symbol or graph. Then, one of our  brilliant designers, Kara McKenna, worked her magic to turn those numbers and facts into a beautiful, cohesive image.

Kara’s process to creating it? We made sure to let her know about five to six different facts we definitely needed to be included on the graphic. If statistics couldn’t necessarily be portrayed with an illustration, then the numbers were designed to stand out among the rest. Once Kara was able to map out and design the most important facts, she worked on grouping similar facts to fill out the rest of the graphic. Normally when Kara designs infographics, she tries to stick to brand color schemes and typefaces; but for this one, it was obvious to use Cleveland-themed illustrations, modern fonts, and a patriotic color scheme.

Check it out:

professional travel infographic

The final step was getting it seen! We started by researching and deciding where, when and how we wanted to promote the infographic. In this case, we first published it as a blog on our client’s website and include a snippet of code so that visitors could easily embed the image elsewhere, if they chose. Then, we picked a handful of sites to submit it to, including infographic round-ups, local news sources, and platforms such as SlideShare and Reddit. Finally, we curated a list of Cleveland-based and Republican social media presences and promoted it directly to them on Twitter. The key here was timing–we made sure to promote most heavily during the week of the RNC, taking advantage of the surge in interest and traffic on hashtags like #RNCinCLE and #RNC2016.

All in all, it was a very successful project that brought visitors to the site and included our client’s name and brand in an of-the-moment social conversation, helping them be seen by new eyes.