2014 is over, but some social media trends just stuck with us. Here are some of our favorites from last year. What was yours?

Joe: I was a fan of the Hotels.com campaign that involved @CaptainObvious. Funny, witty, and helpful!

Austin: I was and still am a fan of the #ThisIsCLE because I LOVE CLEVELAND. There are so many awesome activities and beautiful scenes, so it is awesome to share and see what other Clevelanders are doing and make other people jealous that they don’t live here.

Rachel: 2014 will forever be known as the year of the #OscarSelfie. This thing literally broke Twitter. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a campaign but it was some darn good product placement work done by Samsung. Though they deny that they paid Ellen to orchestrate the photo (do you believe them?!), they definitely made sure she was using that phone the night she hosted the Oscars. The tweet has been retweeted over 3.3 million times. I love it so much because I myself have been inspired to take quite a few of my very own #oscarselfies since that magical moment with friends, family, my dog, you name it. Maybe or maybe not after a couple too many glasses of wine.

oscar selfie

Connie: I liked the YouTube video for WATERisLIFE. This was interesting because they played on the complaints that we, as a first world country make on a daily basis (my seat warmer didn’t work, my water tastes weird after I brush my teeth….I hate it when my cell phone battery dies, my heating blanket made me so warm last night) and then paired them with various clips from a documentary they filmed of the underpriviled from third world counties. It was powerful and put things into prospective.

The goal of WATERisLIFE is to bring clean water to 3rd world countries and this social media campaign got a lot of attention.


People began to post their own “problems”/captions on Twitter (#firstworldproblems)

Kara: I really loved when people would recreate childhood photographs with the same people as adults. I’m not sure what that was called but I saw people doing this on Facebook and it always cracked me up.

Melissa: It’s hard to describe this as a “favorite” in the same way it’s hard to “like” a tragic news event on Facebook, but I think one of the most powerful social campaigns of 2014 was the #WhyIStayed / #WhyILeft hashtags on Twitter. This campaign was a response to NFL player Ray Rice being caught abusing his wife (then-fiance) on surveillance video. People did as people do, and judged his wife — why wouldn’t she leave? Why would she stay? And those questions were answered in a fury from domestic abuse survivors, and those still living it, under each of these hashtags. It was an incredibly honest and candid reaction that not only put real faces with real stories, it succeeded in exposing the world to points of view they never would have considered otherwise. A little heavy I know, but I thought it to be a very powerful and positive use of social.

Dave Simon: I’d like to mention two 2014 social campaigns, one uplifting and ultimately satisfying, and one that started with an uplifting message but ended on a cautionary note.

The first is #GlobalSelfie from NASA. NASA invited everyone to take a photo of their environment, then post to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Google+ under the hashtag #GlobalSelfie. NASA then compiled the photos into a global mosaic. Here’s the amazing result, made up of 36,422 images.

The other is the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. This began with the best of intentions, as a way to raise awareness on Twitter when the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped 200 school girls in Nigeria. It really caught fire, and did indeed raise global awareness…for awhile. Unfortunately, it is now nearly a year later, the school girls have not been returned, and Boko Haram has committed a string of further atrocities. Somehow, #BringBackOurGirls rings hollow to me now.

John: In my opinion, 2014 was not a good year for social media campaigns but 2015 is looking promising, starting with the Project Aware Share from Allstate. #MayhemSale

I loved this campaign! Its funny and its a warning for people that overshare on social media. If you post a picture of your family in the Catskills for a weekend getaway, The Beeper King will break in your house and sell all your stuff on the Internet before you get back.

Jenna: Other than #JerseyJenna (which is more of a 2015 trend, I suppose), my favorite social campaign of 2014 was the use of the hashtag #MH370. I tend to go through spurts of being real obsessed with the news and let me tell you… I was obsessed with Malaysia Flight 370. Clicking on the hashtag allowed me to do way too much research on something that doesn’t matter since apparently the plane dissolved into thin air. Social campaigns make it so easy to be a part of something you’re really interested in!

Nellie: I’d be lying to you all if I didn’t pick LeBron’s welcome home to Cleveland as my favorite social trend of last year. Not only did the sacred day of July 11 unite all of us Clevelanders, it made fans of the NBA love-hate us again! #WelcomeHomeLeBron #TheKingIsBack #AllForCLE