2015 was certainly a year for memorable ads– from social media, to TV, and more, we share our favorites, below!

Jared: I would say that my favorite ad of the year was the Purina Puppy Chow ad – I believe called “Puppyhood.” This was the one where a guy, probably in his late 20’s – early 30’s adopts a puppy. The commercial follows him treating his puppy like a roommate and eventually falling in love with the pup. Pretty much any ad with puppies is the best!

Austin: My favorite TV campaign is Verizon’s “A Better Network, as explained by backup quarterback Luke McCown.”  There is so much to love about these commercials. It is great how the spots are about backup generators and their spokesperson is a backup quarterback. The comparison of backup reliability is perfect and Luke’s comedic delivery is on point! Well done Verizon!

Dave Simon: This one was easy. When I first saw the Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” spot earlier this year, I sent a link to all three of my kids, and called them to make sure they watched it. Beautiful, important message, artfully done. Also, perfect song choice. As they say on Reddit, the feels.

Dave Rosenberg: I have always been a huge fan of the “Dove for Women” campaigns, love how they promote real inner beauty and how they provide a more realistic aspiration for young girls. Well now I can say they have done a campaign for men that I love. It’s the “Dove Men + Care” campaign. It has the same feel as the women’s campaign showing how men can be strong, great dads, good people by how much they care. The product is not highlighted but you come away wanting to use that product. I know I do and my wife sells Mary Kay!

Kara: My favorite was Socality Barbie’s Instagram account. SB started as a way for its creator, Darby Cisneros, “to poke fun at all the Instagram trends that I thought were ridiculous.” 1.3 million followers agreed with this anti-hipster hipster barbie but the account was sadly closed this fall. I guess we will all have to find a new way to #liveauthentic. You can still check out the profile on Instagram at @socalitybarbie.

barbie instagram

Nellie: I always get a good laugh from the AT&T U-Verse “Reliability” commercials. The fact that AT&T can show that they provide great service while also poking fun at how obsessed people are with needing the Internet over anything else, is very clever. It’s funny, but also terrifyingly true.

Melissa: I can’t do this! I always forget such great ones, so I’ll tell you the most recent campaign that stood out to me. It’s the new #YouCanBeAnything Barbie campaign and specifically the “Imagine the Possibilities” spot. It is so great. I love everything about it — the message, the creativity, the suspense of who it’s for, the cute kid factor. Love it!

Marisa: My favorite TV commercial from this past year was the State Farm “Never” commercial. I think it does a great job of subtly showcasing the different products they offer that people might not be aware of and does it in a way that’s relatable and a little sentimental.

Rachel: When Nordstrom announced their annual sale, they created a huge Instagram ‘post’ on top of one of their stores. As a big Instagram fan, I loved it! I thought it was great because it was unique and something I had never seen before. I’m also just obsessed with Nordstrom and their marketing so anything they do is gold in my book!