It’s that time of year again– Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, our clients, for keeping us on our toes and for being so great to work with. Secondly, each other, for providing laughs and support throughout the work day. Thirdly, our family and friends for being extended branches of the Rosenberg Advertising magnolia family tree. Finally, Lakewood/Cleveland, Ohio because without an amazing hometown like this one, we certainly wouldn’t be as cool and easygoing. We share our favorite Thanksgiving traditions with you, below. What are you thankful for?

Nellie: Thanksgiving is one of the rare holidays when my whole family gets together, so I love it. Each year always ends up adding a new guest too, a family friend, visitors from Italy, the norm. It also goes without saying– spending quality time with my mother’s INCREDIBLE stuffing.

Jared: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having the opportunity to watch my favorite football team, the Detroit Lions, get beat every year while eating turkey.

Dave Simon: I have two favorite Thanksgiving traditions, both unsurprisingly food related. First, waking up to the smell of onions and celery sauteing for the stuffing (yep, Carrie always gets up first to get the bird in the oven). Second, the post-meal food coma nap. Best nap of the year.

Connie: I love to get up early, put the fire on, and turn the TV to the Macy’s Day Parade. The kids watch the parade in their pajamas while I make the side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. Every year it’s the same routine and I love it!

Austin: It goes without saying but my favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having my family come together and the Holy Cannoli.*

holy cannoli

Rachel: My husband and I host a ‘Friendsgiving’ each year a couple weeks before Thanksgiving where we invite 20-30 of our friends over for a giant feast! Usually it’s a traditional meal but this year, we’re being lazy and ordering Chipotle catering!

Marisa: I really enjoy cooking the Thanksgiving feast (especially my famous mac n’ cheese with pancetta) and spending time with family!

Kara: Besides spending the day with my family, my favorite tradition is watching Elf for the first of many times during the holiday season.

Melissa: I’m actually starting one this year that I think will be my favorite. Every Thanksgiving I’m going to have everyone who is at the table “sign” the tablecloth — they can just write their name, or draw a picture, or write a message — whatever they want. Then I’ll stitch it on so that over time, I’ll have a tablecloth with memories of each holiday embroidered onto it.

John: Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. My whole family comes, it’s in the fall, food is amazing, someone always makes that gross green jello with junk in it, I get to watch football all day, and I always get to take a nap.

Joe: Some people may think I’m crazy for saying this, but Thanksgiving is probably my least favorite of the big holidays. My reasoning behind this is about 99.9% because of the food; it’s just not my favorite menu. As far as traditions go, we always go to my dad’s side of the family since my mom’s side is all from Italy and never knew what the heck Thanksgiving was until they came to the U.S.

*The Holy Cannoli is a New Jersey Thanksgiving tradition for Austin and family. It’s a giant cannoli, stuffed with as many mini cannolis as your heart desires inside.