If you haven’t heard of Pinterest.com, then you must be living under a rock lately. The latest social media website that launched in 2010 has surpassed 10 million users as of early 2012, beating out both Facebook (6 million) and Twitter (3 million). Pinterest’s demographic however, is what is astonishing. In the United States, 83% of its users are female while the small remainder is male. In the United Kingdom, male users make up 56% of the users, creating more of a gender balance. So what gives, guys?

It seems as though the male community has dubbed this a “chick website”. Well, I’ve got news for you: men and women can coexist within this social media platform! For all the Bros out there, let me dissect this website for you and prove that “pinning” is for everyone.

Let’s start with the basics. Pinterest is basically a live, interactive feed of bookmarking things you like. When you click on a “pinned” image or video, you are taken to the website where it originates from. Users can “re-pin,” “like,” “comment” and “follow” your posts with ease. Here are some categories featured on the site that might spark some interest to all the guys out there:

Cars and Motorcycles

This section was specifically added to draw more male users to the site. Because this category is heavily male dominated, you will find it easier to connect and “follow” fellow males on the site.


How can you hate on food? Even if you aren’t much of a chef, there are some basic recipes worth trying. Just recently, I found a delicious (and easy!) recipe for a bacon wrapped cheeseburger (YUM!). If all else fails, you can “pin” a recipe and tag it to someone that may want to cook for you!


Do you work out? Do you think about working out? This section is extremely helpful and motivating with great workout tips and ways to stay healthy. Warning: Hot bodies do appear in this section!


The latest in sports is found here. Male users unite! Links, pictures, and products galore!


Stay up to date with web stats, analytics, SEO, marketing, and business news. Male users in the United Kingdom primarily “pin” items found within this category.


You won’t want to leave this section with the mass amounts of hilarious posts! From witty to inappropriate, there is something here for everyone!

Slowly creeping in, male brands are emerging amongst the female dominated community. Men’s Health, Playboy.com, Guyism, Travel Channel, and Dial for Men, just to name a few, have gotten a successful start targeting male pinners.

Another great feature of this site is the ability to “pin” something from an outside website onto one of your boards instantly. Pinterest has a button that you add to your navigation bar on your web browser. You click that button when you want to “pin” a video, image, or article. So let’s say you read a rad article on ESPN.com about the upcoming NFL draft that you want to save and share. You would click the Pinterest icon to post to one of your existing boards or another social media website. If you want to access that article a month down the road, it will be visually present on your account and easy to find.

So Bros, what exactly is stopping you from joining Pinterest? The female population invites you and welcomes you with open arms.