Our culture at Rosenberg Advertising is so unique because of the collection of individual personalities that come to work every day. We embrace each other’s quirks. We laugh with (and sometimes at) each other. More importantly, we learn something new about each other every day. Today is your lucky day to learn a new fun fact about each of us. We give you permission to laugh WITH us on these.

Joe: I owned a t-shirt screen printing business from high school through college. I also have an abnormally long wenis (the skin that covers the tip of the elbow). Get your minds out of the gutter! Proof:


Jenna: I met (and sat on the lap of) Laser from American Gladiators when I was 8 years old. It was my favorite show at the time (and my parents pulled me out of school to meet him at Value City).

Kara: My first concert ever was to see Fine Young Cannibals at Blossom with my parents and my sister. I was wearing a pastel Esprit sweatshirt and coordinating pastel plaid pants, my favorite outfit in 1990.

esprit sweatshirt

Rachel: I was a competitive ice skater when I was little.

Melissa: I quit my job as a hostess at a Chinese restaurant on my first day when they told me I had to wear pantyhose.

Marisa: I don’t know how to swim and couldn’t do so to save my own life!  Hence why I try and avoid water as much as possible.

John: I sing… a lot! And not like normal songs. I just make up a song about what I’m currently doing. Often times I make up new lyrics to popular songs. i.e.: To the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean: “Penny Jane you are my love, you’re just a girl whooooo sleeps all day.” That’s a song about my 13- day old baby girl (Penelope Jane) sleeping in my arms.

Nellie: I once wrote a fan letter to actor Hayden Christensen because I was obsessed with him in the role as Anakin Skywalker in the new Star Wars movies. I never sent it. Probably because I was a sophomore in high school. This segues into the fact that I’m a closet nerd.

Austin: I have a storage locker filed with… Beanie Babies. They’ll be worth something someday.

Dave Simon: I once ate a toothpick-sized sample of a ghost pepper. It ruined my entire day.

Jared: I recently sold a domain to AMC for their Walking Dead show. It helped to buy my fiancé’s engagement ring!

Dave R: The first Browns game I ever attended was when they won the NFL Championship in 1964. We know what it’s been like for the Browns since then…