Twitter now gives brands the opportunity to pay for promoted tweets, trends and accounts, allowing advertisers to see instant results for their promotional campaigns. But is giving companies the opportunity to do this offering them an unfair advantage over small businesses like Rosenberg Advertising?

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are a new form of advertising unique to Twitter that enable you to speak to users that don’t currently follow your account.

“As Twitter searches for a revenue model, it has been revealed by the Wall Street Journal that the company is selling Promoted Tweets for around $100,000.” (Online Marketing Trends)

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Promoted Trends

Every minute of every day, Twitter is host to vast, viral conversations that capture some of the hottest topics of the moment. If you haven’t already, check out the Top 10 Trends section on your Twitter homepage.

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Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are built to turbocharge your ability to gain new followers on Twitter.

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Twitter charges for promoted tweets on what it calls “engagement” or user interaction — a retweet, response, click on a link or when a user marks a post as a “favorite.” (Online Marketing Trends)

All campaigns have a beginning and end date depending on their campaign budget and daily budget. Check out the package and pricing options below…

twitter advertising prices

* Promoted tweets can be charged on a cost per engagement event (CPE) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model. Promoted Tweets carry a minimum CPE of $0.10 and a suggested CPE of $0.50.

* Promoted accounts are only charged on a cost per follower (CPF) basis. They carry a minimum CPF of $0.50 and a suggested CPF of $2. (Search Engine Watch)

“While this is clearly good news for Twitter, it’s bad news for small businesses , with the minimum ad spend required overall on Twitter sitting at $15,000 over 3 months, making this pretty much a no-go for those with limited ad budgets. $5,000 per month on advertising via a relatively new and unproven platform is too much for many small businesses.”

For companies who can not afford promoted tweets and trends, there are promoted accounts, which is based off of a bid system and allows advertisers to pay per follower. “Paying $4 for a follower is a pittance because the ROI (return on investment) is insane.” Once they have a follower, they can continue marketing to that follower as many times as they desire!


Check out some of the best promoted tweet campaigns; what they did and how they worked here.


This all sounds nice and exciting for Twitter and brand advertisers who are willing to pay but what does the average Twitter user think about these “promoted” tweets, trends and accounts? Isn’t this like paying someone to say they like you or paying your friends to hang out with you? Does it defy the unspoken rules of social media? Will giving brands the opportunity to pay for promoted tweets on Twitter inevitably saturate audiences with ads?

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Source Credits: Online Marketing Trends, Search Engine Watch, MSNBC, and Twitter