Many companies are well aware of the benefits of B2C Twitter marketing, but are unsure how to be as successful in B2B Twitter marketing. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, but you might want to start with these six simple tips:

Get the word out

Add a link to your company’s Twitter account to all digital communications. Many companies aren’t sure how to get other Tweeple to follow them and learn about what’s going on with their company. It’s simple: Add your Twitter account to all your digital communications — including mass emails, your company website and your company blog. If someone is visiting your site or blog or reading your email, they’re interested in what you have to say. Make sure they get to see what you have to say on Twitter, too.

Show followers you are credible

Link to articles or anything else that will support what you’re tweeting — because you need to show your followers that you’re credible. If you want people to read the latest white paper on something in your industry, link to it. The more worthwhile articles and information you offer your followers, the more loyal followers you’ll have.

Tell followers where you want them to go

Post links to your website, blog, e-newsletter or anything else digital on your Twitter account. This will drive visitors to all your desired consumer touch-points.

Follow your customers

Ask email subscribers for their Twitter handles (their “names” on Twitter) when they sign up to receive your emails. Your consumers will be likely to follow you once you are able to follow them on Twitter. This will also allow you to better understand your consumer base and give them what they really need.

Give Instructions

Call out links to any of your digital marketing that your Twitter followers might want to post to their Twitter pages. If you have an interesting article that your consumers may want their followers to read, include a link with instructions like “copy and paste this link to use for your Twitter account.”

Conduct Twitter interviews

Your followers may be interested in anything you have to offer them, including conversations you have with partners, other customers, etc. Let your followers know you have an interview coming up — including the date and time — and encourage them to follow the dialogue.