I saw a tweet this morning (although the tweeter shall remain anonymous) that read:

“Woke up and said, “Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day” #SaidNoDudeEver”

While this left me feeling a tad salty (women didn’t invent this holiday, okay?!), I also came to the realization that Valentine’s Day has turned into much more than a day where couples spoil each other.

P.S. The day is meant to honor St. Valentine, for all of those doubters out there – The History Channel even says so.

I kept scrolling through my Twitter feed only to realize that companies are using this day to take full advantage of coming up with some pretty lovable marketing campaigns, promotions, etc. These are some of my favorite companies that are spreading the love today. When it’s easy to see that these campaigns are not only about Valentine’s Day, but about putting a smile on someone’s face, how can you not fall head over heels for them?!

Malley’s Chocolates

If you grew up in or near Cleveland, you’ll know Malley’s. Need I say more about what is arguably the best chocolate shop ever? What I really want to say is that I will never turn down a box of Malley Ohs! (Future Valentines, take note). If you were in downtown Cleveland last night then you had the pure pleasure of seeing the Terminal Tower lit up in Malley’s pink and green in celebration of their busiest day of the year. This alone puts a smile on anyone’s face, since chocolate will immediately come to mind.

terminal tower

Dove Chocolate

I’m realizing it’s going to be hard for me to turn away from chocolate companies for this…sorry I’m not sorry. Dove doesn’t even need Valentine’s Day to promote what I’ve always loved about them. How many times have you unwrapped a Dove chocolate only to read an inspiring, call-to-action phrase? Over 1,000 times, you say? Good, me too. Those who aren’t in a relationship today will get just as much out of this holiday as anyone else!

dove chocolate

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Here you have it, male species! Even the MLB is showing love today. Spreading the message, “for the love of the game,” baseball lovers’ hearts are being touched all over the country-just another reason to countdown to baseball season! #RollTribe!

mlb heart

Dunkin’ Donuts

COUPLES SEEKING VACATION ALERT: The Dunkin’ is running a Twitter sweepstakes for those who hash tag #DDSweetheart and share the sweetest thing their sweetheart has done for them. The best part is, you could win 2 JetBlue Airlines vouchers. Thank you, DD, for this positive, love-spreading contest, and for the chocolate-glazed donut and medium mocha latte I #murdered this morning.


Who isn’t going to be tearing up after watching this video of a couple who has spent their first date, marriage, and first child moments all while still loving their VW? A great tug at the heartstrings, VW.

See, everyone? Valentine’s Day isn’t just about sending flowers and chocolates or going out to a fancy dinner. Maybe we just need this day to realize that this kind of love should be spread every day, and with the positive messages from some of my favorite companies, how could you argue?