“What did you think of last night’s episode?” is a common question heard ‘round the Rosenberg Advertising office due to the abundance of television shows we all, similarly, love to watch.

From reality shows, to the HBO hits, to your run-of-the-mill sitcom, we pretty much have an opinion and unhealthy obsession with it all.  We must have had a little too much time on our hands, because we began to think about what the office would be like if some of our favorite television characters came in to work every day. We took what seemed like the natural next step and asked everyone to pick a character/personality he or she would want to be and how that character would contribute to our business.  The results speak for themselves:

Dave Simon as…Michonne, from The Walking Dead: “She’s a badass with a katana sword and pet armless zombies. Michonne’s hardworking, no-nonsense personality, and her talent for field expediency, would serve her well here.  Her official title would be Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Officer, because you just never know. Also, she could be helpful in negotiating with vendors.”

Austin Rosenberg as…(A younger version of) Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family: “I would be Phil because he is extremely goofy and always seems to be happy and having fun with his family. Phil is extremely likeable and would fit perfectly in the office. Phil would be an extremely hard worker; however, he would be full of cheesy ideas.”

Jenna Tucci as…Elaine Benes, from Seinfeld: “I would be Elaine Benes from Seinfeld mainly because when I was in high school and college everyone told me I looked like her (now I straighten my hair on most days, so we don’t resemble each other quite as much). (Actually, thinking back, I believe Dave Rosenberg told me I looked like Elaine when I interviewed here years ago.) Anyway, she’s hysterical and a smartass, so why not? The personality of Elaine would fit in really well at Rosenberg – she’s quirky and always has something interesting going on in her life. And I’m sure she’d have something to offer during one of our inappropriate conversations that happen around the office. At Rosenberg we care very much about all employees fitting in to our family, and I think she’d fit in A-OK. Let’s be honest, Elaine’s people skills are not the best, so I don’t see her as part of the account team. But based on her previous skills, she’d probably be perfect for a copywriter position. I cannot wait to bust out the Elaine dance at the next office gathering…”

Jeremy Fleischer as…Chef Gordon Ramsay, from Hell’s Kitchen: “I would be Chef Ramsay, mostly because he is passionate about his work and has an inspiring work ethic. He would run this shop like his kitchen, “Brigade-style.” All jobs would be broken up into parts and only constant shouting would bring them together.”

Kara McKenna as…Fredrik Eklund, from Million Dollar Listing: New York: “I think he would bring a fun sense of humor, creativity, hard work, and much-needed high kicks to our agency. He would be an AE because he is great at making his clients happy. Ting Ting!!”

Jessa Hochman as…Phoebe Buffay, from Friends: “Phoebe has the ability to kind of float through life without very many worries – she is special in that she sees the world much differently than all of her friends.  For her, every day is an adventure and I admire that.  Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our silly routines that we forget to really enjoy life; that is never a problem for Phoebe.  She’s funny, free-spirited, and lovable. She also gets to marry a character played by Paul Rudd, and that doesn’t suck. Phoebe would definitely become a comic relief during high-stress times in the office – she’d manage to help us put life in perspective and simply forget about life’s little annoyances.  Her coffee-house music would also add some great entertainment to the long work day.”

John Young as…Jack Bauer, from 24: “He doesn’t really fit in anywhere, but he is loyal and gets the job done.”

Nellie Calanni as…Lorelai Gilmore, from Gilmore Girls: “Lorelai is witty, quick on her feet, the H.B.I.C. (Highest Broad in Charge, for censored purposes), owns all of her responsibilities, and loves shoes.  She adapts quickly to all environments and it would be my honor to be just like her, especially at the RA office.  She also drinks enough coffee to fill a café for a month, so she’s always on-the-move!”

Cortnie Redington as…Tabatha Coffey, from Tabatha Takes Over: “She’s fierce, gets the job done, and people listen to her (even when she is out of control mean!). I think Tabatha would make a great motivator/mentor. Her very blunt opinions (of which she is 100% always correct with them) could help with creative, account management – basically she could be like a “agency council” and help all of us to be the best we possibly can be (I mean, I know we are already awesome, but there’s always something to improve on!).”

So, there you have it. Can you picture your office with any of these television characters as employees?!