The Challenge

A law firm located in Cleveland, Ohio, but practicing nationwide, wanted to identify extremely pre-qualified potential clients across the US without making a long-term commitment or investing a large sum of money. In addition, the law firm did not want to give off a “sales-y” vibe, or put out any marketing that would feel like a sales pitch to potential clients or the professional community.

The Solution

Rosenberg Advertising began by eliminating several traditional advertising mediums that would require committing contractually to a long run, prove too costly, or be considered gauche by our client.

Because the particular area of law our client practices in is incredibly focused, we began to investigate the use of paid search via Google Adwords. Rosenberg identified very specific, industry-known keywords that only a pre-qualified potential client in need of our client’s services would search. Because the industry is so niche, search volume for these terms is low which has resulted in an inexpensive cost per click and a small overall investment.

In less than one week after building out the campaigns and running ads, the client had received two calls and retained one client. The campaign continues to run with great success, with a sustained rate of a minimum of one call per week.