The Challenge

Allegro Real Estate Brokers & Advisors, a commercial real estate services firm and long-time client of Rosenberg Advertising, purchased and renovated their current office space in 2010. The building features a two-story entrance and three flights of stairs leading up to the Allegro offices on the 2nd floor, offering a great opportunity for impactful branding even before visitors enter the office itself.

Additionally, Allegro wished to add visual branding to the office’s streetscape, which was challenging due to the lack of separation between the buildings on their block and the existence of two retail tenants with existing branding at street level.

Allegro tasked Rosenberg with finding a way to make the most of these indoor and outdoor spaces while working within the limitations of the building.

The Solution

Rosenberg conceptualized, designed, and managed the production and installation of a combination of items that met Allegro’s specifications. First, a multi-panel, floor-to-ceiling custom “wallpaper” featuring the Cleveland skyline was applied to the entryway walls, and a large, stainless-steel stand-off logo and tagline were mounted on top of that.

Next, a custom-printed timeline with descriptive text and photos depicting Allegro’s history was applied to the stairwell walls, allowing visitors to explore the highlights of Allegro’s story as they ascend the stairs towards the office space. The timeline includes important details of Allegro’s history, such as their founding date, client service milestones, awards and recognitions, and more.

Outdoors, a vertical pole banner was added to one end of the building on the second level so as not to compete with the street-level pole banners of the retail tenants, and a large, circular, three-dimensional blade-style sign depicting Allegro’s iconic “A” was mounted at the other end of the building, extending out over Euclid Avenue.

When combined, all of these environmental graphics help Allegro maximize the branding opportunities of the visual and physical real estate available to them in such a unique and high-traffic location.