The Challenge

A Dayton, Ohio-based sports bar and restaurant, Milano’s Pizza, Subs & Taps, sought a strategy to promote an annual branded event, “Blue Beer Day,” with two goals: grow their social media following and break the one-day sales record on the day of the event. Milano’s wanted to target a younger demographic with this initiative, as its restaurants are very popular with area university students.

The Solution

Rosenberg presented a plan to utilize social media ambassadors to help increase traffic and engagement on Instagram and spread awareness of the holiday.

A set of ambassador guidelines were created so that all parties involved understood their respective responsibilities moving forward, including the incentives to be offered, what types of posts ambassadors were required to make, and simple rules and regulations to ensure the Milano’s brand was being presented in its best light.

Next, a call for social media ambassadors was posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and 5 ambassadors were ultimately selected. In addition, 5 sponsors signed on to support the event: Barstool Flyers, Dayton2Daytona, Natural Light, Smirnoff & Captain Morgan.

2 weeks later, the brand ambassadors were officially announced on Instagram and engagement on their end began. Over the next 3 weeks leading up to and on the day of the event, the 5 ambassadors collectively shared over 40 stories and posts on Instagram. During the campaign:

  • The #BBD2019 hashtag was used 160 times
  • Milano’s locations were tagged 56 times
  • Instagram profile impressions, visits and reach increased significantly

As a result, a new one-day sales record was set, breaking last year’s record, and Milano’s gained 364 new followers within 24 hours. From start to end of the initiative, their Instagram following grew by 32%.

Milano’s was very pleased with the initiative and has already requested that Rosenberg repeat it next year.