The Challenge

An inventor and serial entrepreneur engaged RA with a prototype, and a big idea. He had developed a product made of corrugated cardboard that was packaged flat, but when folded and easily assembled by connecting tabs and flaps, became a variety of items — a chair, a children’s playhouse, a side table, a tent — the possibilities were endless. RA was tasked with creating a name for the product, along with a logo, tagline, and collateral material to support an investment campaign.

The Solution

RA began by assembling the products to create a variety of different pieces. Through this “play” exercise, we determined that the products could successfully be categorized into different product lines. We recommended the use of an overall brand name and a series of supporting product line names.

The company name, Corrigami, is a combination of the words “corrugated” and “origami”, to represent the literal material (corrugated cardboard) and the folding and tucking required for assembly (origami). The icon of the logo can be used as a standalone mark, showcasing the letter “C” created using arrows symbolic of the recycling logo—a nod to the cardboard material. The tagline—”Corrugated Cardboard, Outside of the Box“—is a play on words.

A soft brown color was used for the primary logo, and recycled paper materials and corrugated cardboard were used for collateral pieces. The accompanying logos utilized a variety of color palettes appropriate for the product line audience.