The Challenge

Mar-Bal Industries, a manufacturer headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with locations worldwide, had developed a new product that needed to be named, branded, and marketed. The product was the latest advancement in composite and PVD-finishing technology. You can find this heat-tolerant product on the handle of your oven, your dishwasher’s control panel, car handles, knobs on your cooktop, and anywhere a similar metal-look without conduction is desired. They came to Rosenberg Advertising wanting to turn this yet-to-be-named product into the “Kleenex” of the industry.

The Solution

First, we needed a name. After conducting a thorough brand development session to understand the product, industry, and market, and conducting industry research and due diligence, we produced hundreds of options, narrowing down the field of prospective names until we had three final contenders. These were presented to the client for internal review, and the name was chosen: Thermital.

The name is derived from the properties of the product, a thermoset composite material. Knowing that this product would go to market as a strong competitor to steel, ceramic, and porcelain products — basically offering a replacement to all traditional coatings and materials — we felt it had, and could be applied to, “it all.” Together, it was Thermital.

The next step was to develop a tagline that would support the name and introduce the story of the brand. “Design it. Mold it. Finish it.” This tagline provides the perfect jumping off point for Mar-Bal to tell the Thermital story. We created a visually bold, strong, industrial-feeling logo utilizing a steel gray and orange, representing the strength of the product and the heat component. In addition to the name, logo, and tagline, we created collateral materials, sales sheets, tradeshow banners, and website graphics.