The Challenge

A Cleveland-based law firm specializing in investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, and whistleblower lawsuits needed to reach an incredibly niche, nationwide audience in a way that communicated trust and a clear call to action. The goal was to target potential victims of investment fraud, so it was paramount that any advertising speak to our client’s ability to provide reputable recourse and expertise.

The Solution

Investment fraud cases arise quickly and often unexpectedly, and the need to reach potential victims as swiftly as possible is crucial to their recovery. Rosenberg was able to eliminate several traditional advertising mediums with longer setup times and instead turned to digital options, specifically Google Adwords.

Rosenberg worked closely with the client to identify recent investment fraud cases with potential victims, bidding on keyword terms relevant to each case. Our digital strategists developed paid search campaigns that served ads to online users who were conducting Google searches about these cases, driving them to the client’s website where they were encouraged to contact a lawyer to speak about their unique circumstance in detail.

Since the Adwords platform is “pay to play” and has a quick turnaround time, we are able to effectively serve ads to potential investment fraud victims when their need is most critical and easily pause campaigns as the cases lose traction. Moreover, because the search volume on these terms is so low, the result is an inexpensive cost-per-click. The client is able to reach the desired audience and continues to receive multiple calls per week pertaining to these cases with a relatively small overall investment.