The Challenge

An investment and securities fraud law firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, was looking to give back to the law community. The attorneys actively participate in educational seminars and have engaged in traditional pro-bono initiatives but sought a new and unique way to show their industry support.

The Solution

Rosenberg conceptualized and created an annual law school scholarship program for the firm, including an online application, an outreach plan, and selection criteria. Incoming and current law students were asked to submit an essay, unrelated to the law field, to aid in the selection process. Rosenberg conducted thorough outreach, individually contacting every ABA accredited law school in the U.S., to promote the scholarship. The application information was also placed on other third party scholarship websites, driving additional awareness. Rosenberg tracked and compiled all applications and communicated with the final recipient’s law school to deliver the monetary award.

There were over 80 applicants the first year the scholarship was offered. The second year, that number grew to 143, and the third year, nearly 300 people applied. The program positioned the client as a charitable member of the law community and helped to generate brand awareness for the firm. As a secondary benefit, many law schools and external resources linked to the client’s website, driving thousands of visits and helping to boost the authority of the domain. The firm is currently accepting applications for the scholarship’s third year and plans to continue the program in the years to come.