The Challenge

A Cleveland-based law firm specializing in investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, and whistleblower lawsuits caught wind of a brand-new case referred to as a “catastrophic loss event.” They wanted to be one of the first law firms to make a statement about the case so that they could position themselves as experts and be immediately available for potential victims.

Near the end of the day on a Friday, the lawyers asked Rosenberg Advertising to put a blog post about the case on their website and create a paid search campaign to promote the post to people searching for case-related keywords. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the case, they wanted this to happen before the weekend; however, when putting up a new page or post online, there is often a waiting period of indeterminate length before search engines crawl and index the content and begin showing it in search results.

The Solution

Our digital strategists posted the blog Friday afternoon and took the extra step to request that Google expedite the crawling process, allowing it to be indexed much sooner than normal—in fact, the law firm began receiving calls and emails about the case only hours later. Additionally, our team was able to complete the paid search campaign build and get it running later that night.

These two steps allowed the law firm to rise to the top of a veritable tidal wave that took shape almost overnight. Since our client’s post was one of the earliest available about the case, it quickly moved up to the first page of search results for relevant terms. As a result, more than 20 different news sites and blogs linked to the post, including CNBC, MSN, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, The Street and Global Investor Group. The attorneys were subsequently quoted in several articles about the case, cementing them as experts on the matter. Lastly, the story went viral within the investment community on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn and Meetup, leading to even more links.

With traffic coming from search engines, news sites, blogs, social media and the paid search campaign, the law firm’s daily website visits shot up from about 300 on Thursday (a very average day) to over 4,500 on Saturday and hit a peak of nearly 6,000 on Sunday (a 1,900% increase over the average).

By the following Friday the heightened interest had waned, although website traffic remained elevated and victims continued to contact the attorneys about the case for several months. Currently, the firm is representing 160 of these victims in their recovery suits.