The Challenge

A large travel management company and certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) wanted to find a way to identify prospects who have the same commitment to veterans, and initiate the opportunity to develop them into clients. The company is very supportive of military veterans and aim to work with and partner with those that feel similarly.

The Solution

Rosenberg Advertising began by curating a list of the top 150 prospects that fit this specific, veteran-focused criteria. We then began to conceptualize a direct mail campaign that would be unique, impactful, and get noticed. We decided to create three unique touch points for the duration of the campaign, kicking off on the 4th of July and ending with Veteran’s Day in November. These pieces were sent with a follow-up plan for the company’s internal sales team to ensure that each prospective client was followed up with appropriately.

The first piece sent out was a 4th of July “kit.” Essentially, a handful of things the recipient could use for a fun holiday weekend — a custom branded picnic blanket, a can koozie, a frisbee, and a printed piece introducing the company and explaining their position, highlighting the common ground between their commitment to veteran support, and calling the recipient to action.

The next piece was an email blast detailing the company’s commitment to veterans. The email provided graphics illustrating key company differentiators as well as a call to action.

The third and final piece was a flat direct mail die-cut attached to a ball chain to look like dog tags. These pieces were printed with the common ground, veteran-focused message, included key differentiator graphics, and a call to action.

This campaign received a 7% response rate, and was incredibly effective for the client in developing qualified new business leads.