The Challenge

One of our clients, an HVAC company, had low online review ratings and wished to raise them in order to improve the company’s online image. However, following up with each customer individually by email proved to be a major challenge due to busy schedules.

Another client, a luxury watch retailer, was fairly happy with their overall rating, but wanted to increase the number of reviews they were requesting and collecting on an ongoing basis with minimal follow-up required.

The Solution

In mid-2017, Rosenberg partnered with our HVAC client to increase and manage their online reviews using a review management platform. Prior to beginning, they had a rating of 2.1 stars on Google and 3.9 stars on Facebook (both out of 5). Using the review management software, the client began sending out a quick request for a review via text message as each customer appointment was completed. Rosenberg monitored and responded to the resulting reviews on a regular basis.

In approximately 6 months, the HVAC company sent out over 1,000 review invitations. With minimal effort and no additional strain on personnel, they collected over 100 5-star reviews on Google, bringing their total rating up to 4.8 stars, while on Facebook, they now enjoy a rating of 4.5 stars (and climbing!).

Meanwhile, at the end of 2017, our luxury watch retailer client began using the same review management software integrated with their point-of-sale system. Thanks to this integration, review invitations are sent out automatically every time a sale is completed. No employee management or follow-up is required.

In just 10 weeks, this client has collected over 80 5-star Google reviews, increasing the number of reviews by 350% and raising the overall rating from 3.8 to 4.5 stars.

Both clients now benefit from a growing body of valuable “social proof” representing their companies online via the biggest search engine – Google.