The Challenge

Area Wide Protective (AWP) is the nation’s largest traffic control solutions company, and has grown in recent years at a rapid pace. Located in Kent, OH with over 60 locations across the nation, AWP had grown to become a well-respected industry leader with a brand that remained reflective of when their story began in the early 90s. AWP had recently engaged with marketing consultants and over the course of a year, had built an in-house marketing team ready to tackle a complete rebrand.

The Solution

AWP engaged Rosenberg Advertising to completely rebrand the company, beginning with the logo. Their current logo had many elements and font styles, didn’t reflect their full range of services, and did not reproduce well in many uses. We sought to simplify and modernize the brand by creating a flat icon that would hold up at any size and, over time, be able to stand alone as a recognized brand mark. In addition, the company’s new message was one of protection, safety, reliability. The logo would need to instantly communicate those feelings.

The mark developed as a shield with a road in it. The shield represents protection, safety, reliability; the road represents the literal area on which they are charged with protecting people. The wordmark next to the shield is the strong, bold acronym “AWP.” Below that, the full company name, “Area Wide Protective.”

When it came to color selection, many variations were tested but only one stood out as the clear choice: orange. Even though their original logo and current color was in the orange family, no one could deny that orange communicated safety, drew attention, and was an ideal fit for the brand. We modernized it by selecting a reddish-orange hue and pairing it with a neutral charcoal gray.

In addition to the main logo, alternate versions were created for use in a variety of applications. A stationery system, templates, and style guide were executed as well, proving a complete kit for AWP to reference and utilize for years to come.

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