What it is

Contrary to popular belief, a company’s brand is not just a logo and a slogan. A brand is the visual representation of the company’s ethos – the personality or “image” of the organization. Ultimately, a brand is what the customer perceives, not necessarily what the company tells them. The process of brand development shapes those perceptions.

A major component of a company’s brand is its identity, or the visual elements used to promote the organization. This may include stationery, business cards, marketing materials, signage, and paramount, the logo.

How We Do it

We equate your brand with your company’s backbone – it’s that important. As such, we are painstakingly thoughtful in our brand development process. First and foremost, we learn the ins and outs of your company. How could we possibly help you build your brand if we didn’t? We do this through a proven discovery process in which we build a thorough understanding of your strengths, your weaknesses, your history, and your culture. We ask questions to understand your place in the market, who your audience is, who your competitors are, and your goals for the future of the brand.

As we use what we’ve learned to form your company’s identity, we ensure each and every visual element aligns with the desired brand perception. We hold countless internal brainstorm sessions, undergo multiple rounds of logo creation (which each and every one of our designers participates in), and create a comprehensive style guide detailing colors, fonts, styles, and voice to ensure all of your company’s visual elements remain cohesive and consistent.

We then create all stationery, collateral, and support assets to reflect the new brand. The end result is a clear understanding of who your company is, with a suite of support materials to help your customers and potential customers understand it as well. The job doesn’t end there. We ensure brand consistency in every piece of marketing material from that point forward – from a website to a print piece and beyond.

Maybe you’re starting fresh and need an entirely new brand strategy, or maybe your company’s identity just needs a bit of a refresh. Whichever the case, we can help! Contact us to get started.

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