What it is

Brochures and catalogs are printed pieces that use visuals and/or text in order to creatively convey a marketing message. They can be mailed directly to customers or potential customers, or they can be displayed or distributed at a store-front, at an event or elsewhere. They can be used to communicate information, act as a sales piece, highlight a particular service or offering — the list is endless!

How We Do it

We have experience designing everything from a simple capabilities brochure for a B2B client to full catalogs showcasing hundreds of products for retailers. In fact, it’s something we’ve been doing for over 35 years and we’re proud to say that we’re pretty good at it.

Once you determine your goals, it’s up to our team to come up with the messaging and the creative that will help you reach them. First, we determine what type of printed piece will best communicate your message. Next, we brainstorm: picture the whole team gathered in our conference room, coffee in hand, coming up with creative ideas and concepts that will align with your company’s brand while effectively communicating your message to the right audience. Once we nail down the concept, our designers get to work meticulously bringing the idea to life.

Once your piece is finalized, we coordinate production and printing. From there, our team helps strategize how to distribute your piece, as its effectiveness is truly dependent on getting it in the hands of the right individuals.

We’d love to talk more about how catalog and brochure design can fit in to your overall marketing plan. We hope you’ll give us a call today!

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