What it is

TV and radio advertising, or “broadcast advertising,” involves airing commercials (typically called “spots”) on television or on the radio.

How We Do it

Rosenberg Advertising approaches TV and radio advertising just as we approach all other forms of marketing—thoughtfully. We begin by listening to what you want to accomplish with your advertising in order to determine if a broadcast campaign makes sense, given your goals and budget.

Then, we dig deep and put everything on the table. It starts with the best way to sell the story creatively, with emotionally effective, memorable advertising. What sort of music is called for? Does a jingle make sense? What actors/voice talent/spokesperson will best represent your business?

Creative is just the beginning. We’re big believers in synergistic marketing — how can we best integrate TV and radio campaigns with other media, from print to digital? When done right, each piece of the marketing pie helps amplify the others.

Once our ideas have been presented to, and approved by, you, two things happen. First, we produce the spot. Second, our media planning department goes to work, figuring out how best to disseminate those commercials. How do we approach media planning and buying in order to get your message to the intended audience? We’re glad you asked. Check that out here.

Should TV and radio advertising should be an integral part of your holistic marketing strategy? Contact us to find out!

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