What it is

Media buying is the process of negotiating and purchasing ad inventory. Media planning is a strategic evaluation of what inventory to purchase. This process is based on several factors including an advertiser’s campaign goals, budget, and target audience.

How We Do it

It’s no secret that we’ve built our success on relationships. Since 1981, we have developed strong ties in the media community, both locally and in many major markets, and as a result, we often benefit from having the “inside track” in this arena. Whether your business is in Cleveland, Orlando, Pittsburgh, or Los Angeles, we’ll get the job done right (and yes, we’ve bought in all those markets!).

Every client and campaign is unique, so the media plans we use will differ greatly based on the needs of the client. After we work to thoroughly understand your unique campaign goals, budget, and target audience, we carefully evaluate media options, choose the platforms that will be most successful for your campaign, and negotiate the strongest buy possible.

Keep in mind that strongest does not always mean cheapest. The best part about working with an agency is that we’ve done this enough times to know the difference between a solid media plan and something that is “too good to be true.” Throughout the duration of your campaign, our team will monitor performance, ensuring your buy delivers everything that was promised.

Whether your campaign requires direct mail, magazines, newspapers, TV, cable, terrestrial /digital radio, billboards, or bus boards, Rosenberg Advertising will ensure your message is in the right place at the right time. Giving our clients the best return on their investment is always our goal.

We’d love to help you get your message out there! To learn more about our media planning and buying process, simply give us a call.

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