What it is

Video marketing involves creating a video in order to educate your audience and/or promote your product, service, or business as a whole. How-to videos, event recap videos, customer testimonial videos, FAQ videos, and more all fall into this category.

How We Do it

Some clients come to us knowing they’d like a video around a specific topic such as their brand or an upcoming event. Other times, a client knows they want to incorporate video into their marketing efforts but aren’t quite sure how. More often than not, though, we recommend video to our existing digital marketing clients as a way to create engaging social media and website content.

At Rosenberg, we have experience creating videos of all kinds, for a variety of purposes—we’ve even produced a feature film! Once we determine a need for video, our team gathers together to brainstorm the most effective and creative way to convey your message visually. If your video requires a script, our writers get to work, and depending on the video’s complexity, our designers may create a storyboard. If needed, we hire voice or on-camera talent and scout locations for the shoot.

On video shoot day our team manages the production, giving clear art direction every step of the way. We then take the raw footage and edit it to the desired length and format with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring a finished product that communicates your message in a clear and succinct manner.

Once we have a completed video, it’s time to get it in front of the intended audience. This can be done in many ways – organically on your website, through paid search, via social media, or at an in-person event. The more eyes on the video, the harder it will work for your business!

Looking for a way to engage with your audience in a new and creative way? Contact our team to learn more about the video creation and production services we provide.

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