Social Media Strategist

What I do at RA: Social media department, party of one! I create and curate content, monitor responses, and engage with users, and try my best to keep up with the vastly-changing world that is social media. It’s a blast!

What I do in life: Beside obsess about the Cavs year-round? I read, write, watch way too much Jeopardy, and drink way too much coffee for my own good.

Fun Facts: I was the first person in my family born in the U.S. — the rest of the crew was born in Sicily; my brother tells me I make the world’s best chocolate chip pancakes; I witnessed Kobe Bryant score his 25,000th point against the Cavs in 2010.

Why I love being a part of the RA team: Everyone is a friend to each other in their own special ways. We all have a ton in common and we also learn something new from each other every day. Let’s just say I’d be excited to run into a co-worker outside of work and not run in the opposite direction.