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30 Years at Rosenberg Advertising: A Dave Simon Story

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The first week of April in 1983 was a memorable week in history. For sports lovers, Jimmy “V” was able to lead his North Carolina State Wolfpack to victory in the NCAA National Championship. For history lovers, the oldest human skeleton aged at 80,000 years, was discovered in Egypt. For a young man just out of the army, a part-time position grew quickly into a full-time position at Rosenberg Advertising, where history is still being made today.

He cannot remember the exact day in April 1983 he started at Rosenberg Advertising, but Dave Simon could not have been happier the day he saw a classified ad in the Plain Dealer looking for a graphic designer. Dave got the interview with Dave Rosenberg, who had established Rosenberg Advertising as a company just two years earlier, and before they knew it, the two Daves were embarking on a journey that would evolve into a friendship for the next 30 years.

This 30-year milestone is not only important to Dave, but to our agency and the advertising industry as a whole. Rosenberg Advertising has always prided itself on how we, as employees, operate as a family and how we have built relationships with our clients to feel like extended members of that family. Dave has the ability to claim the identity of an “honest root” not only in this company, but in this industry.

We sat down and talked to “the old guy” (his words) about some of his fondest memories in his 30 years with Rosenberg Advertising. Dave reminisced about one client who he became really close to. He and the client, John, developed a bond in working together professionally and even became close pals outside of business settings. John has since then passed away, but Dave greatly cherishes those memories.

When asked what his favorite part of his job is, Dave said “being encouraged to wear as many hats” as he is comfortable with has been the consistent favorite part since 1983. “It keeps things from getting boring,” he explained.

If you walk into Rosenberg Advertising today, you can find Dave in what he calls “his basement” surrounded by colorful artwork, some his own and some from his kids, action figures, Westlake Demons sports signage, and client artwork. He says it doesn’t feel like it’s been 30 years, but he is proud of the person he has become.

“When I first started here I was young and stupid and sometimes dragged myself to work looking a little rough around the edges. I’ve now been married for almost 25 years, and I have three teenage kids. I think I’ve evolved into an adult, at least on my good days.”

Congratulations, Dave! You have reached a remarkable milestone in your career. You have served all sorts of clients, put up with crazy but loveable co-workers, and have inspired us to work hard and stay dedicated to this business!

When you work with us, you get access to a full (fun!) team of marketing experts. Get to know the Rosenberg Advertising family!


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