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How We Do… Great Customer Service

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Great customer service is critical in any and every industry. At Rosenberg Advertising, we’re constantly making sure we’re providing excellent customer service to all of our current and potential clients. To prepare for every client meeting, project, internal brainstorm, and beyond, we always ask ourselves:

“Is what I’m doing going to show the client that I care?” and “Am I doing my best work?”

These two simple principles help us put our best foot forward for building and maintaining wonderful client relationships. Below, we share what we consider to be great customer service. We’d love to hear your customer service experiences and advice, too! Please share them in the comments section, below! 🙂

Kara: I think great customer service means a simple process, knowledgeable and friendly representatives and a quick resolution.

Connie: Follow through. It is easy to talk the talk and promise the moon. The businesses and their representatives that I am always the most impressed with and the most likely to do business with are the ones who do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it – and then do a little more. This is how we like to treat our clients at Rosenberg Advertising. We once did business with a car dealer who liked to say, “under-promise and over-deliver.” Simple concept but brilliant.

Rachel: A quick response to something negative or positive. So often brands only respond to someone who has a complaint. I tweet at businesses all the time when I love their products and I get excited when they respond. It proves they are dedicated to a great customer experience for all of their customers, not just ones who need a problem fixed.

Marisa: I think the most important aspect of customer service is accessibility. It’s the worst when you can’t even get to a company representative for help with their products or services. Recently, my bank put a security block on my account over the weekend and I couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the bank to help me until Monday – super frustrating!

Dave Simon: Good customer service to me comes down to the three Cs—communication, commitment and consistency. Clearly tell me what you are going to do for me, do it well, and do it well every single time. And if you give me a little more than what you promised, that’s the cherry on top the customer service sundae. An example of bad customer service: when you walk into a retail establishment (I’m not naming names, but it rhymes with Verizon Store) knowing full well that if you ask the same question of the 4 representatives on duty, you will get 4 different and conflicting answers. If there had been Verizon stores during Dante’s time, he would have added an 8th circle of hell to Inferno.

Melissa: The most important thing is to LISTEN. I’m a lady of simple principles!

Austin: The most important aspect of customer service is being available when service is needed. Many small issues can be resolved with prompt service.  If those same small issues go unattended, they can develop into much larger problems. Availability and timing is key!

Dave Rosenberg: First of all, be FRIENDLY. It is an oxymoron to be in customer service and not be friendly. Beyond that I really want to be treated in a customer service situation by a person who GENUINELY acts like they truly want to HELP me. Those who truly excel at customer service then take it a step further and won’t quit or stop until they have a SOLUTION for me. I think customer service is the backbone of all successful businesses!

Jared: For me, customer service means making sure your customers know they are important and crucial to the success of your business. It’s treating them with respect when issues occur, and being responsive and understanding when there is a problem or concern.

We aim to build long-term client relationships. Did you know that we’ve worked with many of our clients for 20+ years? Learn More.


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