The Good Ole Days

Hi my name is Austin and I am a Rosenberg. I am writing this blog with a unique perspective. When I’m asked how long I have been with Rosenberg sometimes I answer, “all my life.” In my earlier years I loved coming into “work.” I have great memories of sitting in Connie Ramser’s office throwing paper airplanes over the wall at the big, bad boss, Dave Rosenberg. Some of those paper airplanes were from Connie too… I also enjoyed shooting baskets on the miniature hoops hanging at the old office building we had in the Flats. Our offices have always been inviting and family friendly. It is funny now seeing Melissa Sattler’s son, James, shooting on the miniature hoop in my office.

 ra group photo

Office Fun

Sure we grow up and work becomes more than just playing games…unless you are a pro athlete, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying coming into work. It is important to enjoy what you do but it is also important to be around people that you like. I have lost count of how many friends and clients who have told me how much fun it looks working at our office. Thanks to social media everyone can get an inside look at who we are and what we do. You will find photos from birthday lunches, holiday parties, Whirlyball tournaments, co-workers showing support at personal events, and much more. This isn’t a case of us trying to sell how much fun we have or how much we support each other; this is just how we do it. #howwedoit

ra group photo

Strong Relationships = Family Culture

Working at Rosenberg Advertising isn’t all about birthday lunches and outside-of-work activities. In actuality, the time spent on these activities is only a small fraction of our everyday work schedule; however they go a long way in building our company culture. These fun activities can allow relationships to develop that ordinarily wouldn’t at work. Building stronger relationships can help facilitate better teamwork and more creative ideas. We are a family and we all trust each other. If there is a deadline on a project, we trust in each other that it will be done on time. If there is a brainstorm session, we trust that all of our ideas will be listened to. Most importantly we trust in each other that everyone will bring his or her best work to the table. Happy employees that feel part of a team outperform unhappy employees 100% of the time (I just made this stat up but it has to be true, right?!).

ra group photo

My Second Family

I’m proud to be a part of Rosenberg Advertising and it doesn’t even have anything to do with my last name. It is awesome working with such a creative team and I’m constantly impressed by the great work we put out for our clients. Just as important, is how much everyone at Rosenberg cares about each other. I can guess that clients and friends notice and value our culture. Twenty years later, there aren’t as many paper airplanes flying around but we still have great, creative, and excellent staff.