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Quote Automation and Ongoing Email Strategy for Local Lawn Care Company

Best Greening Services, a family-owned and operated lawn greening company serving Northeast Ohio, was experiencing higher-than-ever quote inquiries following the launch of their new website. Leads were coming in so fast that the team at Best Greening became interested in a more automated solution to manage their lead volume. We moved Best Greening into ActiveCampaign, a CRM and email marketing automation platform, to streamline the process. 

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We built a logic-based email within ActiveCampaign and eliminated the need for Best Greening to write an email from scratch every time a customer requested a quote. Not only do customers receive their custom quote straight to their inbox, but they can also start their service with the click of a button. When they do, a notification email is automatically sent to Best Greening and the lawn care services team gets to work.

As part of their inbound and outbound email marketing strategy, we also write, design, and send weekly emails through ActiveCampaign to showcase Best Greening’s expertise and knowledge, with the goal of turning leads into customers.

By automating parts of their sales and quoting process, we were able to free up Best Greening’s time so they could continue doing what they do best—creating beautiful, green lawns across Northeast Ohio! And, through continuous communication, we are able to show warm leads why the grass really is greener on Best Greening’s side of the fence!

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