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Brand Messaging for HR Technology Consulting Firm

When IJA Strategies came to us for a new website, we began by walking them through our proven messaging process.

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This process begins with us asking a series of questions designed to help us learn everything we can about a client’s ideal customer, the problems they face, and how our client is uniquely qualified to solve them. Using the StoryBrand method, we explore their ideal customer; their external, internal, and philosophical problems; how the client can demonstrate empathy and authority to win trust; the plan and calls to action their customers need to take; and what success/failure looks like when they do, or do not, take that action.

The result of this process is a brand “script” that we refer back to when writing website copy, blog posts, print pieces, emails, social media—anything that requires brand messaging.

We also created a positioning statement for IJA. This one or two-sentence statement summarizes what IJA does in a concise and memorable way. The positioning statement is the first thing you see on IJA’s website, printed materials, social media, email — it's even said in conversation!

The messaging is used across digital platforms and print pieces, establishing brand cohesion and positioning IJA as an industry expert.

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Let’s talk for about 15 minutes so you can explain what you’re looking for and make sure we’d be a good fit.

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Listening Session

Let's meet on Zoom or in person so you can tell us about your company and the problems you’re having.

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Proposal Presentation

We’ll present a proposal that details our recommendations, suggested scope of work, and fee.

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