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SVP Worldwide is an American private company that designs, manufactures, and distributes consumer sewing machines and accessories around the world under three brands: Singer, Husqvarna Viking, and Pfaff.



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SVP Worldwide

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We helped grow this sewing machine manufacturer and retailer from one store to 200 stores, and maintain a solid relationship after two decades, three ownership and management turnovers, and a headquarters move from Westlake, OH to Nashville, TN.

Relationship Development:

When SVP engaged with us, they were HVS (Husqvarna Viking) and their business model was built on distributing products to over 1,000 small retail stores throughout the world. In 2001, they made the decision to open their own retail stores in areas that were not competing with the wholesale distribution base. The stores were located within existing Joanne Fabrics stores, and the “store within a store” concept was born.

HVS hired us in 1999 with a single store in the Hudson, Ohio Joann Fabrics. Their goal was to open 12 stores within one year, and 50 stores by year three. At the time, they believed that growth beyond 50 locations would be slow and moderate. RA was given the directive to use 5% of gross sales (or, in most cases, 5% of estimated gross sales) as the advertising budget. We worked hand-in-hand with the Marketing Director of HVS to shape the overall marketing strategy.

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At the beginning, we concepted and designed compelling, offer-driven direct mail pieces and procured high-quality lists to mail to. Additionally, we designed print campaigns to run in newspapers in each store’s market, and paired that with local cable TV spots.

This three-pronged approach of targeted direct mail, print advertising, and cable TV reached the 55+ female audience and fast-paced growth ensued. The growth was immediate and fast; HVS boasted close to 100 stores by year three and 200 stores by year seven. Throughout this rapid growth period, we always held the budget within the 5% threshold. This formula worked extremely well and proved to be a winning strategy. It worked so well, the company was bought and sold twice by private equity firms, and most recently sold to Singer, based in Nashville, TN.

Despite multiple turnovers in ownership, management, and physical locations over the two decades, we have maintained a strong and healthy relationship with this sewing giant. We currently design all promotional print and digital advertising for the Viking brand, as well as the luxury Pfaff Sewing brand.

“SVP Worldwide has enjoyed a great working relationship with Rosenberg Advertising since 1999. As in any good business, their people make the difference — sure they are smart, creative, and flexible, but more importantly, they care about your business and the desired results. Rosenberg Advertising is truly a business partner.”

– Barbara Harvey – President, Retail Sales, SVP Worldwide

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