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Why We Love What We Do

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June 11, 2020 | Rosenberg Advertising, The Family,

It’s been 80+ days since we’ve last gathered in-person at our century-old home office in Lakewood. All of this time apart has allowed us to feel even more grateful for what we are fortunate enough to do each day, for our remarkable clients, and for each other! In the spirit of gratitude, we asked each of our team members “why do you love what you do?” Here are our answers:


I love working with such a fun and creative team to improve the look and feel of our clients’ websites! It’s a great feeling when a website that we worked hard on for months finally goes live, and we get to see how our changes may increase leads and drive other results.


I love what I do because I get to use creative thinking, technology, and the internet to solve problems for our clients. I enjoy a good puzzle, and my job gives me the opportunity to figure out a new puzzle almost every day! Working at Rosenberg, I also get to accomplish those goals in concert with great people who are just as passionate.


One of the things I love most about what I do at Rosenberg Advertising is our ability to work hand in hand with clients to help them grow their business. Many businesses come to us wanting a true partnership, with RA being the marketing arm of their business. We have the opportunity to learn about why each business is unique and develop strategies that are tailored to their specific business. There is nothing better than growing together with our partners and seeing everyone’s hard work pay off!


I love being a graphic designer because I love creative problem solving! I enjoy the challenge of taking our client’s ideas and making their vision come to life, and working at RA has given me the perfect environment to ask for help when I need it and bounce ideas off of my coworkers. While it might not seem like it, design is a hugely collaborative process and I really enjoy working together with the world’s best team of Marketing Maniacs. 🙂


As our email marketing specialist, I love seeing our team’s creative and strategic efforts come to life for our clients! Email is such a unique opportunity to connect with an audience — when we are thoughtful about exactly what messaging will be served to which segment of that audience at what time, the impact is powerful. I also love what I do because of the people I work with! Everyone on the Rosenberg team is brilliant, creative, and supportive. It’s easy to love what you do when you do it with people like these!


I have always believed we are much more than an ad agency or marketing firm. We are at our highest value when we are viewed as true partners with a client and tangibly affect their business in a very positive way. I love long relationships and I love how we strive to have mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. The fact that we have had many clients for over ten years and a number of clients over twenty years is a big reason I love what we do!


I love getting to learn so much about so many different businesses and industries! It makes my job different and “new” all the time. Also, I LOVE the opportunity to transform a company that comes to us with confusing messaging and an outdated website, and is just generally dissatisfied with their branding and marketing. To work with them and guide them through our process — and at the end of it deliver a strategy and a site and services that help them grow — is so rewarding.

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A few months ago, I would have answered this question by saying that I get to work with an extraordinary group of co-workers who make me better and keep me on my toes every day, doing exemplary work for our clients. Now I have to amend that, because I’m still managing to do all of that while working remotely during a worldwide pandemic. My co-workers are still extraordinary, our work is still exemplary, even during all this. It’s pretty amazing.

There are so many reasons! I love the feeling of being influential and a contributing factor to another company’s success. I also love being able to do that while working with a group of thoughtful, creative, and genuinely amazing people.


I love what I do because I have been given my closest friends: sharers of lunch, sources of delicious trash, and offerers of behind-the-ear scratches. My tail wags like mad when I get to see my Rosenberg family!


I love what I do because it provides me with constant variety and lots of challenges! On the account side, I like knowing that my efforts directly contribute to the ongoing success of the client I work on, which is a small family-owned retailer. My favorite tasks are detail-oriented and organization-based which play a big part in both the account side of my role as well as the operational side. Also, I am proud of the collaborative spirit among my co-workers which is essential to providing the best service & value for our clients.


I have gotten to dive in and learn the intricacies of so many businesses throughout the years. It has kept things so interesting. Being able to make a difference in the success of these companies over the years is very fulfilling. But it always comes down to the people. That’s the thing I love the most.


I love what I do because of the people. When I started my job, I noticed right away that this wasn’t just a team of people arbitrarily working together – it was a kinship. Everyone here makes it a priority to care about the work and about each other, even when they don’t have to. And the fact that our team is made up of people of a variety of ages, with different interests, and from all walks of life – yet we can still all come together and get along – really does speak volumes.


I love what I do because I get paid to be creative and collaborate with other creative people each and every day!


I love my job because I get to be strategic and creative all at the same time. On any given day, I may be writing a blog post, diving into a client’s website analytics, creating a content calendar, performing keyword research, writing ads for a PPC campaign, or something totally different. No two days (or hours!) are ever the same!

When you work with us, you get access to a full (fun!) team of marketing experts. Get to know the Rosenberg Advertising family!


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