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Why Branding is One of the Most Significant Things You Can Do for Your Business

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From the visual elements your company uses to promote itself to how you interact with customers, your company’s brand is what you’re all about. It defines you. It draws customers in and brings them back. And when done correctly, it can withstand the ups and downs of your business. That’s why spending time defining and building your brand is crucial to the success of your company.

Your brand gives your customer a sense of who you are

Your brand is the visual representation of your company’s personality and a lot can be said by the colors, images, typeface and overall voice you use. Are you serious, fun, caring, soft, sophisticated, techy, whimsical or something else? A well-defined brand can give customers a good sense of who you are, what you represent or stand for, and what they can expect when working with you.

A strong brand can lend legitimacy to your business

Done well, branding can position you as a professional and trustworthy expert in your field. It is easy to tell when a company has spent a significant amount of time establishing and defining their brand. A strong, cohesive brand helps to establish trust, providing validation to the company and a perception of quality products or service offerings.

People will remember and describe your company using your brand

How many times have you remembered a catchy jingle before you even know the company’s name? Consumers often recognize and know you as your brand. They often describe you that way to others, too. Our hope is that people describe Rosenberg Advertising as a relatable, family-owned agency who truly cares about our clients. To encourage that perception of our business, we try to make sure every piece of our brand reflects that message.

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition

With no branding, there is no differentiation. For example, when you think of every ice cream shop that you know of, what makes them all different? Sure, they may sell slightly varied flavors or one’s waffle cones may taste somewhat better than the others but a major difference can be found in their branding – the logo, fonts and colors used on the ice cream cups and wrappers, the ‘vibe’ you get in-store, the way the menu looks and more. In a sea of competition, strong branding can set your company apart.

Branding is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts

Your brand can (and should!) drive the rest of your marketing decisions. Depending on your brand, certain advertising channels may make more sense than others. Furthermore, all marketing materials should maintain a consistent look and feel, all accurately representing and reinforcing your brand.

Your brand adds value

Put simply, your brand increases the value of your business. When you think about a well-known company like McDonald’s, it’s not necessarily their restaurants, equipment or products that have made them so successful . . . it’s their brand.

Does your brand accurately depict what your company is all about? If not, contact us to learn about how we can help.

From branding and traditional marketing to websites and other forms of digital advertising, we do it all—and then some! See our latest client projects.


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