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A Day in the Life of Social Media Strategist, Taylor Sarkisian

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As a social media strategist at Rosenberg, my daily work routine is always different – but that’s part of what makes my job fun! 

Since I manage multiple social media profiles for clients in various industries, no two days are the same. But I always try to ease into my workload over coffee and the TODAY Show, starting around 8am, with what I call my “morning tasks.”

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These include:

  • Email and Slack: The first thing I do is check both of these and see if there’s anything urgent I need to work on that day.
  • Engagement: Then, I see what engagement came through to a client’s social media channels overnight through a software called AgoraPulse. It populates all of our clients’ social media channels into one dashboard, so I don’t have to manually go to each profile and look for new interactions. The engagement I do depends on the client and the channel that it’s on, and it’s always on a case-by-case basis. It might include responding to direct messages from customers, replying to their comments, retweeting their tweets, and more.
  • Calendar: From there, I’ll look at my calendar to see what’s on the docket for the day. This shapes my daily to-do list because I may have tasks I need to get done in a more timely manner to meet a deadline or some preparation to do for a meeting I’m in that afternoon.
  • To-do list: My last “morning task” is checking my to-do list. I have a running list of things I know I need to do for the week and after I look at my calendar, I decide which ones are that day’s priority. I keep this in a Google Sheet, and am always adding in new tasks or crossing them off. At any given moment, my to-do list will be one of the (many!) tabs that I have open on my laptop.

taylor office

All of this usually carries me into mid-morning. From there, I’m either in a meeting or starting on my task list. My meeting schedule varies and some days are more meeting-heavy for me than others – it really just depends on the week! These could be anything from internal brainstorm sessions to presenting reports to clients of their prior month’s metrics to weekly status updates.

If I don’t have any meetings, I’ll usually focus on content creation. This looks very different for every client but it could include making graphics for an Instagram story using Canva, revising a Facebook ad that’s running, writing copy for a LinkedIn post, or scheduling two weeks worth of content to Twitter in AgoraPulse.

These types of tasks are what take up a majority of my day and they’re usually very collaborative. It’s not uncommon for me to send some copy to the rest of the team over Slack for feedback or to have a client look over some of the graphics I made for their profiles before posting them on their behalf.

And when I’m working from home, my daily tasks are always done with help from my furry supervisor, Kelso. My husband and I recently renovated our kitchen so I’ll either work in there or in my sunroom. But, no matter where in the house I’m at, Kelso is always there to watch me work and give me the side-eye when I’m doing anything besides petting him.



Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts while I knock out tasks. My favorite ones are Snacks Daily, Armchair Expert, Social Media Marketing School, and Smartless. For some tasks, I have to turn them off but when I can, I like to have an episode playing in my earbuds.

And since my job is done completely on a computer, I always try to take breaks from my electronics. Sometimes that includes making my lunch, taking Kelso on a walk (if it’s nice outside!), or doing a short yoga video.

When I’m wrapping up my day, I’ll usually go into AgoraPulse again and see if any new engagement has come through during the day that I need to respond to. I also try to set my to-do list up for the next day and do one last scan of Slack and my email before shutting down my computer.

taylor office

From there, I usually watch the evening news and start thinking about what I want to eat for dinner.  

And there you have it! My days are busy but I absolutely love the variety of tasks that I’m doing. No two days are the same for me and that’s one of my favorite things about being a social media strategist!

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