Social Media Strategist

What I do at RA: On any given day, I’ll be working on something social media related. Whether I’m writing new ads, brainstorming campaign ideas or researching the latest industry trends, my job revolves around building and maintaining our client’s social media channels with creative, thoughtful content.

What I do in life: Outside of work, you can find me online shopping, drinking wine or both. I also love to explore new places – whether I’m going to a new restaurant down the street or to a completely different continent, I’m always down to travel and learn something new.

Fun Facts: I’ve covered the 3 C’s of Ohio – I was born in Columbus, raised in Cincinnati and have been living in Cleveland since 2016. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite city, though – I love all three for different reasons as if they’re my children.

Why I love being apart of the RA team: The Rosenberg team does a great job of creating a home-y feel in the office, and has created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everybody. (It helps that the office is literally in a house!)