Why is a Holistic Marketing Approach Important for Your Business?

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When you hear the word ‘holistic,’ what comes to mind? You’ve probably heard of holistic medicine, which treats every aspect of a person, not just specific areas that have issues. Did you know that the word ‘holistic’ can be used to describe marketing, too? A holistic marketing approach takes into consideration all facets of your business (employees, products/services, operations, etc.) and molds them into one comprehensive and consistent system that aims to seamlessly satisfy the end-user.

A holistic, or integrated marketing plan, is based on two major principals. First and foremost is the concept that when delivering your brand’s message, that it is consistent in both look and feel, no matter what tactic is used. Secondly, in almost all cases one tactic for brand messaging is never enough. The best results are achieved by getting messages out through multiple channels and methods, or as we now call it in the marketing industry, an integrated approach. Read on to learn why a holistic marketing approach is important to us at Rosenberg Advertising.

This holistic approach is all about consistency

By utilizing an ongoing graphic look, voice of messaging, use of colors, etc., you begin to establish a brand. The more you repeat this look, the more recognizable, well-known, and valuable it will become. When we re-branded our agency in 2009 to include the magnolia tree in our logo, we knew we were on to something. It is shown on our website, client proposals, mailers, advertisements, and more. Now, many people ask us the story behind why we chose this logo and it has become synonymous with who we are as an agency.

Using an integrated approach has its roots in the philosophy that the market for any product or service pays attention to more than one media or digital source

There are literally hundreds of options as to where to place a message, and while no advertiser can use them all, choosing several and being consistent and then monitoring those choices, most often produces the best results. Not everyone watches TV, but most do. Not everyone reads e-blasts, but many will from trusted sources. Some people, believe it or not, still read printed pieces you get in the mail (fun fact: magazine subscriptions have actually increased recently). Not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but many are and your target audience may be. People happen to read signs as they drive, too. We live in a Google world and most people will Google something before taking action. It’s crazy to think that ads on the Internet know what we like, and we oftentimes find ourselves clicking through for more. Whatever channels you use for your brand, continue to remind yourself that monitoring interaction and ROI is essential for success.

Taking all of these strategies into consideration, this is where an agency like Rosenberg Advertising comes in. We understand all of the options you have for advertising and reaching your audience. We’ve known the market since before advertising went digital and today, we’ve adapted gracefully to a vastly-changing digital world. Did you know that recent studies have shown that when potential customers receive your message from more than one trusted source they are more inclined to act on it? We can help you achieve this goal so you can see the ROI from different marketing channels and thrive in your industry.

We do great work at Rosenberg Advertising, but it is how we will work with you that makes us different. We won’t recommend relying on one tactic to grow your business and we won’t promise success by overreaching and trying 20 tactics. At Rosenberg Advertising, we will be your strategic partner to a holistic approach for your business and we will guide you to a creative solution!

Learn all about the services we can provide your business with and get in-touch, today!

Whether we fill the gaps in your internal marketing team or we become your entire marketing team, Rosenberg Advertising acts as a true partner every step of the way. Discover more about who we are.


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