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Abby the Dog

With RA Since: 2016

Support & Security

What I do at RA:

As self-appointed head of security, my job involves loudly alerting the office to any potential dangers or intruders. My built-in alarm system can range from low whuffeling (when I’m pretty sure it’s just a team member coming back from lunch but need to be on my guard) to a siren wail (when the evil UPS person dares to enter our lobby!) When I’m not guarding the office from certain destruction, I also serve an important role as the lead trash inspector. Any time my silly coworkers throw out perfectly good food, I am there to save the day and make sure nothing goes to waste!

What I do in life:

Outside of work, I live with my human and 2 cats (only one of whom likes to wrestle and play chase with me). You can usually find me hunting the perfect sunny spot to nap in or doing a little counter-surfing when my human isn’t looking.

Fun facts:

I have trained several of my coworkers to give me treats by positively reinforcing their behavior with interpretive dances of gratitude. I hate long car rides (anything over 4 minutes is long).

Why I love being a part of the RA team:

These people are more than just my coworkers—they’re my pack. It’s my privilege to guard their safety and sample their leftovers.

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Melissa Sattler


austin rosenberg rosenberg advertising

Austin Rosenberg


dave simon rosenberg advertising

Dave Simon

Creative Director

Connie Ramser

Senior Account Executive,
Media Buyer

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Marisa Himes

Director of Operations

kara mckenna rosenberg advertising

Kara McKenna

Creative Director

rachel schlather rosenberg advertising

Rachel Schlather

Marketing Strategist

jared youtzy rosenberg advertising

Jared Youtzy

Account Executive

torie stephenson rosenberg advertising

Torie Stephenson

Lead Digital Strategist

angelia becker rosenberg advertising

Angelia Becker

Web Designer & Developer

piper youtzy rosenberg advertising

Piper Youtzy

Digital Marketing Strategist

kathryn feeney rosenberg advertising

Kathryn Feeney

Graphic Designer

taylor sarkisian rosenberg advertising

Taylor Sarkisian

Social Media Strategist


Marco Tarantino

Web Developer

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