What I do at RA: A little bit of everything! I manage many aspects of the day-to-day business, and focus a significant amount of time on account management and business development. I still spend some time designing and art directing and, most importantly, I work to make sure our clients AND our team are happy every day!

What I do in life: I’m a mom to three great kids, a boy and two girls, so mostly I like to drive them around and then watch them do awesome things. My husband and I can be found at an ice rink, a baseball field, or a gym 12 months a year. I like to run as much as my knees will allow, read at least 20 books per year, root for all things Cleveland, and try to convince everyone I meet that they should move to Lakewood.

Fun Facts: I’m extremely claustrophobic (seriously, don’t give me a tight hug).

Why I love being a part of the RA team: I love the people, the culture we’ve been able to sustain over 37 years, that my position offers me the flexibility to work in so many different areas of the business, and the location! Working in a house > working anywhere else.